Please join me and take a few calculated risks and go beyond our every day comfort zone and experience through the joy of cycling our health, heart and humanity. To meet and share our life with a variety of others that we wouldn’t normally meet. I invite you to look at some links I find worthy and share your adventures and experiences.

My spiritual thought and feelings come from the Existential ideas of Martin Buber of transforming rather than transcending the world. He understood that relationships with others would be equivalent to how religious people understood God.


Please don't be put off by the buddhist practice because it is a religion, you do not have to see it as such to get a lot from it. Personally I find the devotional side very difficult.


                      INTERESTING LINKS

Several years ago I was given a book by the now forgotten Line Drawings Artist Frank Paterson.

Nobody has captured the spirit of cycling or the English Countryside better. Though this site has not been updated for ten years it's wonderful and worth visiting.


                          LOOKING FOR A BLOG

 As there is lots of stuff, just type in the country or a subject and something will come up



 So I'll sign off with PLG. This means Peace, Love, Gratitude, so do not get it mixed up with LPG or we all may go up in smoke.

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