North America 2

North America 2
North America 2 

On Board the Canadian Skylark

Just before I left home I found another fairly Green ( new and mindful )  blog A  peddling feminist ,not piddling , I hasn't to add , whose syntax is more twisted than mine. I think she lives in Baltimore , so she may be having trouble "getting out"  Though I better be quiet about money as governments are always looking for new ways and a Sin Tax , though it may take us back to the Dark Ages could be a " whole new Ball Game".
Perhaps I'm making tasteless jokes about the riots because unconsciously I don't want to take them seriously . I arrived in LA about six months before the Watts riots, but most of us white folks only see them on TV.
Had a nice long conversation with Helen, a friend I made on a counselling course many years ago. Though I didn't persevere as a counsellor , we both agreed that the learning experience has be invaluable to our own " personal growth". Though that term suggest a nasty stigma, which indeed some practitioners may exhibit. I suppose all this Blogging and my Mindful cycling  stuff is a kind of therapeutic transmission.( for me as much as anyone else ). 
I also cycled the ailing Kalkoff to an outlet quite a distance away, and was pleasantly surprised how easy all that weight was to peddle. The chap in the shop happened to be the importer/owner, fortunately I was reasonably polite, so hopefully he might offer me a nice new model at a favourable price.
As part of my " smarten up this house" campaign I've fitted Venetian blinds in the large lounge windows. When I was a kid watching 40/50s American films I loved those blinds that were in all the office scenes . They were unobtainable in war torn Britain , and now I can relive those wonderful moments. ( it was probably in FBI offices, and I don't think I want to go there )
Just before I filled in my postal vote for the General Election, I had an E mail exchange with the Liberal Dem. Candidate who was claiming to be cycle friendly, but he wouldn't commit to making a law, as in Spain , to give a one meter passing space. So I opted for the Greens , at least I'll get my vitamin C.
As I didn't fancy spending too long at Gatwick Airport, I took the train to London and returned to the South Bank Changing Britain Festival and the chap at the ticket desk (a black guy) gave me a gratis wrist band so I had access to everything . There is always the temptation to look back at the nicer things, and one of the discussion on the changing countryside and our relationship to it , made me think of the haystacks where we used to rest with our pack lunch on our youthful cycle rides. See Frank Patterson home page , interesting links.
At the airport I crashed in the Prayer Room and got a few hours sleep, punctuated by the occasional Muslims , their routine is very impressive compared to my sitting silently and watching the breath, without nodding off. 
The security ordeal has got worse, I found a watch in the toilets , and when I tried to hand it into information, as the lost property wasn't open yet, it was received with the " we can't take anything" paranoia. But a young guy with a friendly face offered to take it . This I Pad was scanned, and to lighten the scene, I took the threat of beheading and asked, " are you looking for bad  language ? " 
So I'm settling down to an adventure story Wild about an angry girl who hikes the route that I intend to cycle!
                         From the man in seat 45k PLG Tony 
Ps the movie is great.
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Thursday, 20 February 2020

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