North America 33

North America 33

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Life on the Road on and off the rails
Waiting for the train to Mt. Vernon about a five hour ride from this lovely old station which is staffed by volunteers. Dave has left I feel so sorry for him, he's very lonely as well as his considerable disabilities, though he became very tiring with his constant criticism.
As my train isn't due for a few hours I found another of Americas fabulous local museums, the one in Kelso Cowlitz county, is up there with the best, but their finest feature is the women who run it, one is the daughter of Virginia Urrutia who wrote 'Two wheels and Taxi' when she was in her 70s, in the sixties. ( I noticed rather ironically that she had a severe leg disability ) They also stocked ' Two Wheels North bicycling the west coast in 1909 ' something I'll get for Christmas . Take note Sara ( she runs a bookshop in Steyning Sussex , the best god-darn emporium in the South East )
Once again Amtrak took care of my precious bike, they make you feel like royalty, is that why the Government doesn't  give it the attention it deserves?( the fare $34 for a 5 hour ride )
While I'm on the train, as I'm ahead of schedule, I connect with Servas in Victoria.
We pull into Mount Vernon at 845pm it's starting to get dark. Take the road to the west and after about 5miles there's a turnoff for a state park and a bike only route through a nature reserve and a tree with flat ground. So that's where I'm tonight with some frogs for company . Washington is turning out a bit of alright.
Just down the road is Swihomish Casino and Lodge, I'm taking a gamble and ordering a Western Scramble; ham, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and cheddar jack cheese served with hash browns and toast, and I slipped in a coffee for luck and bingo I've hit the jackpot, enough for a king, in fact it would do the complete Royal Family.
When I lived here I did play in casinos in Las Vegas etc. and one day walking in to the Dunes, just missing bumping into Frank Sinatra , the urge to gamble had gone.
The perils of riding two wheels, just went by a motor cycle safety practice lot and someone is lying down a bit bloodied having come off. Sh..t happens.
Just loaded up with fresh fruit, the cherries are the expensive ones, so another night under canvas should sort that out.
I've sneaked into someone's private haven by a lake just off the road. There is a toilet, boat, and bench, I'm eating cherries, how about a swim? I've renamed Lake Campbell, Cherry Lake!  As its Saturday the rich folks from booming Seattle, are out in force with their E Types, Porches, Ferraris and the occasional Sting Rays.
Washington has lost 3 points so far for screaming youths, mostly pickup drivers. Perhaps their mothers didn't pick them up as babies? Or they scream in frustration (haven't  been laid in a while) who knows but it isn't as pleasant as the birdies.
Stopped by a drive in ice cream place, and even though I was offered a slightly smaller locals price $5 the selection huckleberry and regret still would put Lyons Corner House to shame.
Today is native festival arts and crafts, canoe and food at Bowmans Bay Park.
I've been offered a sample of fried bread at the native Indian Fest. They make it with self raising flour, though when it's made with yeast apparently it tastes better. Make it with evaporated milk, water and let it rest. Don't try it at home!
I'm wearing my Southdowns Volunteer Ranger fluorescent flack vest, and people are coming up to me for directions.
This area is named Deception Pass as Capt. Vancouver in late 1700 thought he had found a passage through, so to cheer him up, they named a couple of cities after him
The parks have free access today, and the camp sites are all full except for the cyclists
There are two other couples at the individual spots with picnic benches, and I greeted one, who looked very subdued, Germans I think, and the women answered rather sourly, so I replied ' not so good then'? To which she quickly retorted ' yes it's great' 
But no other interest., so it's on my tod tonight then! Moral; you can't befriend everyone. I almost forgot, the radio and I'm in range of Canada, lovely calm chat and jazz, BBC eat your heart out.
     I think sometimes I behave like a lovable old dog. PLG Tony
An enlightenment experience
North America 34


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