North America 34

North America 34

North America 34 picture Friday 

Bike Friday meets another on Sunday
Just down the road are a group of families from Vancouver BC and I had a lovely evening with them, so I wasn't so lonely after all. And NPR Seattle played swing from the 40/50s to send me to sleep.
Terrible dilemma this morning, how to charge and get online. McDonalds has WIFI and outside seating ( it's a perfect morning ) but no charge point. Jack in the Box, has WiFI and charge points but no outside seating. It happens to be empty, what does that mean ? An added plus my breakfast came in a very reusable tray with lid. I'm liking it.
Jacks wins, and McDonalds, an establishment that I wouldn't take my children too' took a walk,'as Humphrey Bogart would delicately put it.
Incidentally Ajahn Succito posted a very good assessment on modern life recently see his blog Reflections Ajahn Succito may 17th 
Just met another Friday whose riding the same World Tourist as I've got back home, though he's fixed very snazzy handlebars. I've asked him to comment on cycling in Hawaii. Back in Oak Harbour all is quiet, too quiet, wait a minute it's Sunday and all the folks are at church, but according to the lady where I'm eating my ice cream they will be out eating pretty soon.
This town was host to a PBY base ( patrol-bomber-y for Consolidated  aircraft co. Corsair already had the C ) 
Also known as the Catalina Flying Boat. And I'm in the WW2 museum's moving look at those war years. In the sixties I took my parents to Catalina Island on one of these birds. The wonderful bridges that you cross to get here were erected for this war effort.
I've been reflecting on my time with Dave, and how similar his critical comments were to my mums. I see all this in myself, but there is a price to pay, and it can lead to a unhealthy disillusionment with life. The trick it seems is to stick to your own truth, which will be based on your feelings without the anger, which often dictates the over critical  mind. The teacher Ajahn Cha had an expression 'right but not true, true but not right'
Just as I finished that, Charlie from Dallas Texas rode by, and we got into an amazingly deep conversation. He's just starting the Pacific Coast Ride , it's his graduation present to him-self. Though he does have a job interview in Seattle, so he has one deadline, I suggested that he tried to enjoy the ride, by not setting daily deadlines. Anyhow I gave him my card so if he wants to dip into zycling he can glean something from my 35 years of struggle. What was so disturbing about what he had to say, was that his conclusions on the educational experience was so similar to the other despairing ones that I've been hearing.( very little critical analysis or serious discussion )Its not that all people are stupid, far from it, but since Reagan the culture has become dumbed down I'm told.( though in the 60s I took an English course at Valley JC and I was struck then how uncritical the students were.)
Overlooking the ferry port, with its attractive old brick buildings, I found some waste ground to camp and then down the Larry Scott memorial trail towards Sequim. For a country with not a lot of mystery this trail is an exception.
I'm very aware that Americans I meet are only too aware of how their society tries to control them. The Corporations control their employees and the Government tries to control everything else, though people think that the Corporations control them. Only the unemployed, retired, and self-employed have some say in their lives, but as so many have addiction problems they still are being controlled in another way.( boosy, foody, druggy, floosy, and anything else that taste nice. )
 So for now I'll rest my case, and finish my breakfast on this fabulous trail. PLG Tony 
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