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North America 35

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Everything's going to Pot
As you can see from the picture I'm in the future, high wise. This store is quite large by potty standards as my photos in the upcoming book will reveal. Sitting down at a particular nice bus stop with seat, rock garden and stained glass ornaments. Is this what the world is coming too? Is this what an innocent plant can cause? Apparently they do get straight people coming into the shop and trying it out now it's legal.
As the bus hasn't come and I'm only 15miles from Sequim its on your bike matey, your not here to experience magical moments at the turn of the tap!
Trying to find a route off the noisy 101 I met another cyclist who had moved to Port Townsend 45 years ago when it was a Victorian ghost town, now he's moving on again to Colorado as he says it's too staid now. George escorted me to the Olympic Discovery trail into Sequim .
This area is a native reservation with the Casino, though they have spent lots on a community hall and library, as well as cleaning up the estuary.
Something quite interesting just happened. Arriving in Sequim I dropped by the information office to check on my friends phone number, which they found and I called, no answer. But I noticed on the map that there was a bike shop on the route, and as I had lost my cycling gloves a couple of weeks ago now was the time to replace them. Now I aught to explain that my 'guide' had been telling me not to buy a new pair yet.
But now was the time, in the large nice new shop was just the manager and during the transaction I mentioned that I was looking up an old friend and gave him the newly found address. He answered that's my Mum and step dad! He's John who I remember as a 6 year old when I lived in LA and went out with his mum. Is that a coincidence or what?
Not everyone is that laid back. I walked over to a guy cutting the lawn, to check on the road name and we had a nice friendly chat, he was a late arriving Christian. Walking back to the bike I strayed onto the neighbours drive, and he came out and threatened to shot me for trespassing .
So I won't have the privilege of meeting up again with Dee and John who are visiting Atlanta but her son little Jon should be at the house soon and I can get a nice shower.
             You can't win them all . PLG Tony 
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Monday, 26 August 2019

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