April happenings 2

April Happenings  Part 2

  Easter Frolics
First I have a confession the lettuce miracle is over, it lasted one night only ( I have a ton of the stuff in the fridge ) but the good news is that if I follow Mr. K advice , and go over the day , it helps mucho.
First: on the way to befriend Leslie ( he has dementia ) I drop or rather jump into the Swimming Pool , which is on the route. It's also my shopping day at Lidle's I'm addicted to the Bratwurst.
Second: with the time change , the work routine at the monastery now starts at 8am,
So I go there for breakfast at 7am , read the latest insightful publications in the library before a gentle tidy of the grounds , tea break at 930 and off to model for a friend who wants to be an artist.
Third: as the L'Ache is closed over Easter , I take the train to visit my friend in hospital. 
On the return the line to Haselmere is closed as some poor soul jumped in front of the train. This happens quite often I'm afraid . So the train is diverted and by the time I got back , it was too late for the bus so I cycled the remaining 7 miles home . Moral ; use my free bus pass next time. 
Fourth: early start as I'm driving a couple of monastics to Gatwick airport, even though I stayed overnight at the monastery , I didn't sleep that well so on the way back it was hard to keep awake . All this confirms my distaste for the automobile . I recovered in time as my meditation group met at the monastery for lunch and we did a wonderful walk via my house for tea.
Fifth: my first morning ride of the year on the REAL bike , eg. Light as a feather, drop handle bars, skinny tires , no mudguards, and I wear a helmet , but no Lycra I hasten to add. The model that I have, is a ladies version as it has an extra set of brake levers and a more comfortable saddle. Heard the village church bells so I dropped by for the Easter service. The incidental organ music was great , but as it got closer to the service I bottled out . Pity as the arriving congregation included some very pretty girls , all a bit Victorian novelist .( England has a unique tradition of bell ringing , with many changes, I once gave it a try , and nearly lost my hand! perhaps someone didn't like a Jew tolling )
Lunch (an amazing spread) at the monastery followed by a lay forum , topic: the difference between Zen and Theravada Buddhism. Apparently it's a choice between a whack on the shoulder followed by an unfathomable riddle, or amazing meals and lots of chat.
That must explain why I'm here.
Sixth: I occasionally read and comment on other blogs, and I've just finished an exchange with one that for a time was a bit unpleasant . I understand that the social media can be a bit of a nightmare for some, as being open can invite people to make unconsidered remarks. Many years ago , at the Brighton Festival , I went to a talk by the Beat Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti , who remarked that " the problem of being too open , is that your brains might fall out! 
Up early to wash the White long hair rugs, I'm wondering if it's kosher to do spring cleaning on Easter Monday? But the weather forecast is for a sunny drying day, so,bugger it. Made a large flask of coffee to share with a couple of Dhamma friends who are coming on the South Downs cycle Ride that I've been researching .
Just before we left Roger, a long time Sri Lankan supporter had come with his family to cook the meal (Dana ) and he was disappointed to see that we won't be back for the meal . But as in precept 1 your destination needn't be the one that you intended, as my companion had to leave early, so I returned for the meal after all ! And what a feast!!!
            I hope your Easter was equally as satisfying . PLG Tony 
Ps I returned home in the afternoon to finish the Spring Cleaning and sitting out on my sheltered patio the temp. at 430 pm is 79 %F or 26c.
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