April Happenings 3

April happenings part 3

Post Easter frolics
I've started an early morning swim , and if you arrive before 9am you have free use of the sauna and jaccusi , which makes my visit to Leslie, who has early stages of dementia even more pleasant . Though when I arrived he burst into tears , as his wife had been taken to hospital and of course , he is dependant on her. Fortunately his niece ( they haven't any children ) brings round meals .
My dad, who was very healthy all his life , vegetarians, walkers, nudist, they were left-wingers in the thirties, died from prostrate cancer at 67. It wasn't treatable that long ago. And my mum who had a heart condition , and lived till 89 , didn't want to take the tablets when it became acute. As I was looking after her I insisted , and I think for her it was a betrayal of all her nature cure beliefs. On second thoughts I wouldn't have insisted , but let her go in her own way.
Another reminder of our mortality, not that we need that over Easter, as it's been dead hot here and I've been busy in the garden, getting ready for a conservatory which will come in November , when a savings account will mature.
Talking about mortality the Kalkoff has gone on the blink again.
 I've been thinking about that disturbing exchange with another blogger who misunderstood my comments. I know I have been accused of trivialising , and. making  flippant remarks, as well as punning . I suppose I sometimes do this if I think that someone is taking themselves too seriously . And as for the puny jokes , I am amused .  ( Queen Victoria was known to remark "we are not amused" ) perhaps you have to be a Shakespeare to get away with them.
But that's not the point so I shall try to turn down the quips , and leave the flippancy to the blog , where it shouldn't be taken personally .
Incidentally once cycling to the monastery I met up with another chap on his way there, and he punned constantly , and I have to admit that it got rather wearing .
In the 1940s there was a program on the BBC radio called " The Brains Trust" and one of the regular participants was the left  wing philosopher CEM Joad. Apparently  he lived in my village for a while where he recovered his Christian beliefs . He was famous for the catch phrase " it depends what you mean by" , and last night I went with my local vicar to a revival Brains Trust . ( when I first arrived at the village he befriended me hoping that I would embrace the faith I think ) The media celebrity Melvin Bragg was missing from the panel, and just before it started , the Town Cryer had a coughing fit, though the bell worked well enough. 
One of the questions was " What kind of world would be inherited by our children's children " and my cynical mind thought " a mosque in every High Street" . 
Though when questions were asked from the audience , mine ( the only one ) was 
" if Joad had a Road to Damascus experience , how about the panel? " 
I'm afraid nobody owned up to one .
On a visit to Shoreham to look for a Moped ( I'm beginning to give up on the Kalkoff ) I  popped into see an old friend who helped me set up the Three Rooms Cafe. His wife died a couple of years ago , and he is going to move nearer his daughter. His house that he paid £10,000 for has been sold for £280,000 . That's how we become rich in Merry England .
And finally waiting to return on the bus , someone in the queue pointed out that the Steel Band , that was playing ( the origins are from the Trinidad immigrants ) was in front of a UKIP stand (  a political party akin to the Tea Party ) 
                    To Pun or not to Pun, that is the question . PLG Tony 
Is It Always for the Best ?
Should we Apologise


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