April Happenings 4

April Happenings part 4

Post, post Easter
Had a bit of surprise when I arrived at the monastery on my Sunday walk from Stedham, loads of cars and Thai visitors, it's the Asian New year and the food was up a notch. Once again the sun shone down upon the righteous , at least I hope they are! 
Sitting in the sun eating and chatting , who should come by but our local cycling author  Josie Dew with her two daughters , she left her new baby boy with hubby , who was responsible for building the Green Oak in the Dhamma Hall. On her web site there are many photos of her pushing the family and kit on off road expeditions , in an amazing cart.
On my morning ride I passed a field of sheep with many lambs. When my kids were young, we lived in an ancient Quaker Meeting house, William Penn preached there once, with a large garden. One day my wife returned from school with a couple of rejected lambs. One died within days, but the other bonded with me, I was a house husband, and we went shopping together on a lead , the lamb not me. Dogs used to come up to us and have a good sniff, that's me not the lamb. Eventually she grew too large , though she still adored me , but the chickens were feeling crowded out of the orchard, so she was taken back to the flock sheepishly.
I watched The Life Of Brian with a friend and a couple of monks who hadn't seen it before. They sometimes watch films . In fact Ajahn Sumedo favourite happens to be mine The Apu Trilogy . Apparently he showed it to Ajahn Succito who could only manage the first part , as it was so moving. 
I subscribe to a U Tube thingy and they sent this Pinky Floyd Track. I first heard this piece when the group came to Santa Monica in the late sixties. Now this is a very French version , with the most glamorous chorus line , and an analysis in french at the end . So at least catch the last ten minutes and let me know what is said please.
Apparently the group didn't like this track , and the French never got progressive Rock.
A book entitled " Einstein & the Art of Mindful Cycling " Came today I resisted buying it through Amazon so my copy is autographed by Ben Irvine costs an extra £3 for his scribble. 
I'll let you know what it's like sometime, but flipping through its looks cool man. ( and women)
Another book that came my way this morning , passed on by a trainee monk ,was 
" Face to No-Face by Douglas E Harding. In the seventies I attended a weekend workshop with my wife, and my first impression of him wasn't so good. But this monk who seems to have read everything of his, explained that he was going through a bad period around then. 
       So beware of first impressions . PLG Tony 


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