April Happenings 5 (that's Waterloo sunset)

April Happenings 5 (that's Waterloo sunset)

April happenings part 5

Before catching the train to London to hear  my favourite song writer, I popped into the art gallery in Chichester , I'm a member, to catch their latest haul. This English artist Leon Underwood enlisted in the camouflage corps in WW1 . And he did the same in the Second , and they couldn't find him!
Arriving at the Southbank Centre I bought a pack of Bob Marley Coffee, at the market and in the foyer a discussion was being held about the history of Black music in the UK  a coincidence or what? 
Entering the entrance to the Purcell Room I picked up a copy of Americana, Ray Davis's new autobiography . And for the next hour and a bit we were put through a chat on the festival theme " Changing Britain 1945-1975" plus some of his less known songs. With his insightful reflections on life, I'm in for a reading treat that I shall save for the North American  experience . According to the publicity he was going to answer questions from the audience which unfortunately didn't happen. I was all primed to ask him if there was any possibilities that the greatest concept album of the sixties "Arthur" may  eventually be made into a musical. Anyhow here is one of the greatest WW1 songs from the record. ( the BBC is reliving the period )
Stayed the night with a Buddhist friend who in the middle of a Triathlon and he's getting a little behind, not that the exercise is reducing his posterior, no but doing a thousands miles a week cycling and another hundred swimming is taxing his ageing body. We spent the next day back at the South Bank sort of enjoying the tourist culture. If you would like to follow his progress see  eleventhousandonehundred.wordpress.co/
        Keep fit and out of wars. PLG tony 
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