April Happenings 7

April Happenings  part 7

We're having wonderful clear frosty mornings, and I tried a walking meditation and heard my first Cuckoo. I also took off my slippers and walked barefoot on the icy grass.
I read about this Tibetan practice somewhere , but I'm getting too old ,or I don't have the feet, as I couldn't take more than a couple of hundred yards.( defeated ) ps could I be going Cuckoo?
To be political for a moment:
The current employment trend for cheap immigrant labour, zero hours, part time, you name it, may be  boosting the employment figures , and keeping sales up, but who's paying the taxes, as with low pay that so many are experiencing , and the tax avoidance of the wealthy, we shall all end up in the frying pan with Greece, less the sunshine. And our precious NHS and schools and my bus pass could be in jeopardy . I know, we could go back to riding mopeds, then people will graduate to Nopeds (zen cycles ) and we won't have to frack ,chop down trees, pollute the streets, clutter up the hospitals .But we will have time to be nice to each other, and the world will be a happy place again,and austerity  a good Buddhist practice will be OK.
So how shall I use my postal vote? The choice is baffling ; Mr millepede , son of a Marxist teacher whose potential alliance could scotch the lot. Mr camera one a real son of the soil , though more rich than organic, may choose to go to bed with a party that's more English than British . And as far as I can tell, the Green lady doesn't even cycle, though I guess she would re-cycle. Mind you Buddhist countries seem to opt for different flavours of dictatorships, but the people are nice . According to my lodger everyone is voting with their feet and are all trying to get into this fair isle ! As long as it don't sink under the weight I'm sure I'll have a country fit for heroes to return to.
Here's what the Guardian comes up with:
My brother is visiting ,and though we get on well, there is stuff lurking below the surface that can flare up occasionally. He is visiting for my 77th birthday. I'm not sure if that number has any significance other than the address of Dino's Lodge on Sunset LA where I worked as a waiter .It was the setting for  50's TV drama about a Californian young man with a habit of combing his hair. Not something that my vanishing tresses get .
        So hair's to day and gone tomorrow . PLG Tony 
In certain numerological systems based on the English alphabet, the number 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. CHRIST is C = 3, H = 8, R = 18, I = 9, S = 19, T = 20, which added together equal 77. So there!
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