Easter Tip

WA Tip for Easter : Let us Eat Lettuce 

Just returned from my Sunday ritual, a walk along the river to the Monastery for lunch and a quick polish of my parents  brass plaque on the bench in the cloisters.
Chatting to a friend after the meal, I mentioned my insomnia problem. A newly arrived visitor suggested I eat lettuce before retiring to bed.
So last night I chewed on a Little Gem ( I'll leave the Icebergs till the summer) and a miracle happened, I slept most of the night. Admittedly I did wake up after a couple of hours and listened to Radio four " The Human Zoo" where the worlds leading psychologist Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman talked about " the pursuit of happiness"
                           So there you are : sleep sweeter Bornvita! No , little Gem Lettuce.
                                         PLG Tony 
Handling Fear
Loneliness, not to be Feared


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Thursday, 20 February 2020

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