First Zycling Adventure after accident and cancer this is a repost as the earlier version didn’t take well so enjoy

First Zycling Adventure after accident and cancer this is a repost as the earlier version didn’t take well so enjoy
  • First Zycling Adventure after the accident and cancer.  POSTED this is a repost fr
  • I do hope you give time to read and watch what has been a marvellous 5 days , that has given me hope for the coming difficult times.

 . First stop ;station to pick up tomorrow’s tickets and a gentle ride to the arty Park Cinema for the afternoon performance of ..Never Look Away...from the director of The Life Of Others, this subject is more of an examination of the creativity of the individual in an authoritarian society. But the post war german experience is fascinating to me as anyone who explores this blog knows.

The evenings group meditation went very well, I volunteered to pick the subject for discussion ; austerity, my current thing. I selected a reading ...............

And the sharing went well . Ah yes before the meeting the host offered a meal so about half a dozen turned up for a splendid mild curry , remains of which I’m taking to Wales.

After a good nights sleep , at one of the group members place (no panic to relieve my -self or the leaking that I have been experiencing, NHS your wonderful.) a simple bowl of porridge and coffee set me up nicely for the day. Thanks again Tony. Leaving to join the canal path I avoided a speeding young man , and yelled at him to slow down . He answered “,don’t shout at me old man” No respect !! Though it’s another indication of my accident trauma .(I have noticed I can flare up)

On the train to Newport a long chat with a Welsh lady who takes 9 cruises a year.

On the sector to Craven Arms a couple of girls with bikes join, and I give out Zycling cards.

Just glanced up at the information roll, and its recording Abergavenny as the next stop , we passed it two stations ago , I wonder how many noticed it but as most are deep into their mobiles ........but I better not go there

I thought everything was going too well. We pulled into Craven Arms and my train was waiting at the station , as I was coming down the bridge steps it just took off leaving another passenger who was standing by the door.

So what are we going to do ? The other passenger who was also getting out at Garth called her friend who suggest we take a taxi ,there were other ways eg return a bit closer to Garth and get my brother or her friend to pick up or a cheaper taxi. But she provacated so we ended taking a taxi £90.

We spent the weekend at the Lander Festival. Though this was quite nice as I caught up with my brothers and now my friends , next year , god willing , I’ll try this get together.

It’s 8am and I’m sitting in a Festival cafe waiting for breakfast 

It’s lovely meeting up with his friends again , but mostly feeling my old self after over two years of being out of it.

Rap music dominated the stages and I finally crashed around dawn so I didn’t get much sleep!

Warmed up by the fire chatting to musicians and finally dipping into my chosen book ‘ Paying for the Past by Geoff Green a neighbour from Steyning a previous abode.

After a hearty breakfast it’s mainly spending the day at the Willow theatre where Laurence displays his thespian skills , though today it’s Romeo and Juliet 

but lol hasn’t a part. I’m afraid I struggle with Shakespeare .

So it’s back to the Festival and the wonderful curry and Laurence’s charming friends . I’m not sure about the music though and I must catch up on sleep.

So I decided to return to Garth and some peace from the what seemed to me , head banging music.

This track is a wonderful reminder for all 60s and aging humans

Back on the road

I’m writing this from a lovely , friendly , sticky Pub ( the tables need degreasing) about to consume an all day breakfast , that’s after an encounter with William a Dane who makes bespoken shoes at home not far from Garth on the back road to Builth Wells . He invited me for coffee tomorrow.


Spent the next couple of hours with Kate a psychiatric nurse, her husband a farmer and a Lancashire chap they were pleasantly tipsy in this Pub, Barley Mowe . Not something I do often . She recommended

It’s a gentle ride home along the less hilly and quiet main road. I’m certainly not really in touring shape . Stopped by a friend of Laurence’s to chat about my brothers morning anger with me . He had heard about it so I felt I could share the incident. Must admit even though I’m no longer angry I’m more than a little concerned about Laurence .

At home I cooked some of the veg we picked this morning , poached eggs and buttered some freshly machine made bread that Laurence prepared before he returned to the Festival. Funny , I had warm feelings for him , and it wasn’t just the bread , my! living isn’t easy.

Next day.

Too excited to sleep much and suffered leg cramps my brother stayed at the festival. So I watched this D day documentary, one of the best showing the battle and civilians suffering from both sides of what for many has become an identity. Born in 1938 I can’t remove myself from this adventure, but I sorely regret that it didn’t bring the kind of peace and reconciliation that’s truly needed for a sane world.

Nice and comfortable on a chaise lounge listening to the news from America . I have such fond memories of my 8 years in California when the gun issue didn’t seem to be so explosive.

The Shoe Makers

When I was a child my mum used to leave me with my Welsh grandad who had a tiny shoe repair workshop near Euston Station , but in a quiet pedestrian precinct . I also think that when i saw Pinocchio it made a great impression on my young mind

. So when I bumped into William the melancholic Dane , who invited me for coffee at his amazing spread on the mountain side I got very excited . His wife was also very Danish but more in the pastry line. As for the Beadle dog that they openly admitted was their baby , I shall say no more. This is also an experience that a complete blog would be needed to do it justice.

Apparently clients can spend hundred of thousands on hand made shoes.

As I’m not the kind of chap who looks at peoples feet to make an assessment, I’m not really in the market.

Back home Laurence is around and unpacking and we’re going to watch a movie ; It Happen Here, having a go at the Germans I suspect. Quite timely though . Watching it now and hearing how some Brexit types are showing such hostility to Frau Merkle in a different context is very depressing.

This was made in 1964 by young film students and volunteers.

I noticed it’s watchable at Daily Motion.

Laurence is busy in the kitchen , and it feels nice and cosy again.

Journey back home.

I’m up far too early , so I worked on the blog and packed . 

Will catch the 752. Just up the road , and arrive in Chi around 3pm unless I make a break at Bath to check out the cycle shop which is at the station.

As the train enters the station , I can feel the tension in my body. As I’m so early 

I ought to find the relevant office in Cardiff and sort out the train business.

The single carriage is empty, clean and warm with a limited Wi-Fi connection.

Checked my e mails and blow me down with a powerful cycle pump, there it was , a missive from my Zycling hero Sally Johnson , now is that a coincidence or something more mysterious.

On the Train

I’m afraid I’ve been something of a naughty boy, like the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’m catching Larry David , but I keep the rude language to myself.

So what have l been up to? Non stop chat , first with an artist , ceramics,

To Cardiff. And on the Portsmouth train a very attractive couple who have left their two children to celebrate her 40th . They’ve chosen Bath and apparently their two daughters are jealous.

And at Bath a very attractive Thai lady with a fancy camera on tripod, but she spotted a terrorising character , and didn’t encourage me.

So with much relief as I was exhausting myself settled down to write all this up.

Just as it seemed that the coast was clear, we came to a halt 1/2 a mile outside Westbury as the points were stuck.

They have just been freed and as it’s been nearly an hour wait we can claim for the delay.

Finally make it to Cosham slight delay for the Brighton train, and on board was Lynn with her gorgeous black blind dog . And she told me how she brought up two children alone and blind. While doing training in her job she started chatting to a gentleman she didn’t know who was so impressed by her , that he ensured she was offered promotion. He happened to be the chief executive of West Sussex County Council.

On the Bus

Caught the 415 our number 60 over the Downs to Midhurst .

Now I’ll get some rest! No hope because I got chatting to Angie a living saint who keeps her 92 year mother and a not so well husband in a good frame of mind I guess we were both heavily influenced by the movie Pinocchio, let your conscience be your guide. Anyhow she gave me her address ( husband is also a wwtwo man )

So it’s just a very pleasant ride through the forest , and as long as I don’t bump into a talking bear , I should get home around 530 and hope that they’ve left me some porridge. PLG. From one great Zycling Tony" alt="A6B67A06-84B0-431B-8

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