Here it is my Tern being set through it paces


My london  friend posted these links and there are more 

so you can see why I’m so over the moon with this model

the side stand is much better though I’ve retained the standard 

centre one . Other than that I’ve found no other faults yet.

I’m having a bag frame fitted for the front wheel so I can go with 

a passenger . The trailer that I built on a retreat , naughty, on a Bike Friday 

towing frame  and wheels has been put to use , found some discarded planks

of wood . So if your from south of England , hurry on down to Fishbourne and 

the cycling family have a lovely smokey black one in right now .


The man who kept us sane in the 70s Dave Allen
Matt the Inventor


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Saturday, 25 January 2020

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