Is It Always for the Best ?

Is it always for the Best ? Blessing in Disguise , One door closes another one Opens,

I'd like to explore through my experiences and people I have met ( and hopefully any comments that you contribute ) , whether there is any truth or relevance in this statement.
When my wife left me for another man, the last thing that occurred to me was " it was a good thing " . I was much more wrapped up in the hurt, was I lovable ? How can I endure the loneliness ? What would happen to the children ? 
I read books like James Dobson and very nearly had an affair.
Once on a train I got into conversation with a friendly chap who told me about an accident he had falling from a scaffold. He had been a rather heavy drinker and womaniser , but while recovering in hospital he fell in love with a nurse.
Now he had a young family , his life had been transformed , but he was in constant physical pain. But he insisted that the accident was the best thing that had happened to him. 
In his book The Healing Power of Illness ( the meaning of symptoms and how to interpret them ) Spiritual Psychologist Thorwald  Dethlefsen  argues our illnesses are important pointers to our dis-ease . An uncomfortable book in that it deprives people of illness as an alibi for their unresolved problems.
Zen answer:
You think stones are being thrown ,
But instead of chucking them back,
Examine them , and your see that they are diamonds.
My own analysis of this phenomenon  Is more about our expectations . It's if we feel we can control what's going to happen to us. So when things don't turn out as we had hoped , we feel let down and disappointed. So after a time when the emotional content subsides we can start to see the reality of the situation which is going to be different .
I'm very interested in our need to be in control of our lives. That's not the same as doing the right thing, which is more likely to have a favourable outcome. Buddhist teaching is very heavy on the morality of our lives, as this will determine the Karma we develop. I'm going to look at this more a later date 
                           So look on the bright side of life . PLG Tony 
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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

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