Out and About a monthly romp in an entertaining way part 8



A day in Chichester with friend

Though I’ve known my friend for many years , I’ve stayed at his house in London , been on a Zycling ride in Dorset worked with him in Chithurst woods but we’re two very different people . He arrived for a late supper and as we talked I used the technique that we were taught at the workshop in Brighton the other day Insight dialogue. And it felt much easier than the traditional counselling trick of accurately reflecting back what is being said.

I had planned quite a busy day , by using the bus , he turned up with a 20in folding shopper . Not strictly a bus pass folder but in a bag which I had nobody would know any better.

But he wanted to do his own thing so I caught the noon bus and arranged to meet in the bishops garden around 4pm .

From the sublime to the ridiculous, what’s that ? Well at 530 the Cathedral holds evensong and a visiting choir from Toronto was in fine voice , but I had to leave early and entered the consumer madness of a food festival , the contrast from the nearly empty cathedral to the buzz and excitement was more than a little sad as I was making my way to the Park cinema which as part of the film festival was showing a mystery film.

The day had gone very well , the weather being perfect makes that easy . Bought some lovely new cycling clothing and a very nice looking Pizza for tomorrow’s Pindabat when the monks go begging for their meal , to put it very crudely . My friend was waiting in the glorious Bishops Palace gardens , and then we indulged in an afternoon tea in the magnificent restaurant in this beautiful building.



After watching the surprise film at the park , a very dark image of a broken society. I went home and listened to some hippie music , this being one that I don’t think I ever heard . The idea of living for the day, though superficially attractive, being carefree , without responsibilities is also something we chant after meditation is fine for monastics but for a family person ?


My life in Hollywood 

Let’s go flying, in a four place Cessna that is . So we started at Burbank airport in the San Fernando Valley , that consisted of two pilots and two non pilots. As we taxied down the ramp one of the instruments was malfunctioning so we returned to the hanger to give it a good kick.

Then off for lunch at Long Beach and we finally crossed into Mexican air space you could tell as the smell of chillies was so strong ...........

Our destination was La Pas at the bottom of the Bahia Californian peninsula, where we were going to do a bit of scuba diving , but we never got there.

Because of all the fluffing about the pilots misjudged the time changes and by the time we arrived over our stop over it was too dark to do a circuit to check out the runway which was a bit muddy . So we landed a little long to avoid the mud and ran out of turf and was stopped by a cactus. 

Nobody was hurt except the plane . Anyhow we made ourselves comfortable in the bar/restaurant and retired to bed .

In the morning the pilots judged that they better not chance a badly cactus scratched flying machine , so we scrubbed the diving idea and hitchhiked our way home. As it was a holiday weekend lots of little planes with room .

Me and the other passenger got a lift with a flying ace , at least he looked the part with a strong Texan accent . But it didn’t take very long before we were icing up .

We all got back to Burbank about the same time, and the Cessna apparently was flown out by the insurance agent. You have to admire the can do attitude of the Yanks........well that will do with looking back to a very amazing time in my life.  But everything’s changes , as I grew older my fascination with America started to cool and I became more critical. I had recently taken US citizenship but I didn’t really feel it and I now felt strong and confident enough to take on Britain once again. Thank you America for helping me grow.


After much deduction I was pretty sure I’d left it on the bus. So I returned to Chi popped into the office and asked if one had been handed in . After a quick identity check my precious wallet and me were back on the bus to spend another day . PLG Tony ps that pun was intended.

Finally one of my favourite films , I posted it earlier but it was taken down .perhaps this will last longer do watch. So that’s all folks PLG Tony