Out and About a lighthearted look at things that happened in August part 7

Out and About In August a monthly romp in an entertaining way part 7


If your looking at this post and you want to watch the video please go to my Facebook page to see Arthur beat me over the line.



I’d been invited to visit my 21/2 year old grandson Arthur named after what must be one of the greatest 60s albums , and also the least known , which was released at the same time as The Who Tommy , so was somewhat overshadowed.https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL86B96D43937857E2

I’d taken the Brompton on the bus to visit my son Oliver and Arthur on his latest Velocipede style cycle . We departed for the nearby park . But just before we left my green fingered son offered me a fresh fig from a nearby tree and gave me a tour of his herb garden and with grapes that would make a Frenchman come .Apparently the little boy had been yearning to ride with company recently . The day was sunny and it all went well. In his excitement he nearly ran into me , only hope that I live long enough to go on a Zycling Adventure with him , lets say down the Pacific coast highway to Disney Land. ( though when I think about it modern children don’t always know about this culture.)

Waiting for the 5oclock bus I met another Brompton and gave Dave who was thinking about touring my Zycling card. Arriving near Midhurst we were faced with a mile of backed up vehicles, the result I imagine of Glorious Goodwood. A race track not far away. BUT I had the Brompton so waving good bye to the stranded bus I got home on time. Waiting for me was a request for accommodation over the weekend from an ex nun wanting to return .


My life in Hollywood 

Now where was I ah yes LAX well we could leave the airport and return to my flat on Venice Beach . One of my friends was quite political and he tried to organise a breakaway movement called Free Venice. Very California 60s

Though most of my friends worked for Western Airlines, whose saying was ,

“ the only way to fly” I’m not totally sure what they had in mind , but for us it usually meant getting stoned most nights , and going on fabulous trips to the desert or mountains. I did have more local friends , drop outs and hippies .

But by this time I had got friendly with Dee who was about my age , divorced with two gorgeous boys. She had a VW camper van and we had wonderful family adventures with it.

One memorable trip I made with Dee , was spending the night on Mt. Baldy ( where there was a zen monastery in which  Leonard Cohen spent some time ) 

We just wrapped ourselves up in a blanket and lay on our backs counting the shooting stars.

Another time up in the San Gabriel Mountains that overlook LA we found a place called Thunder Canyon , and wrapped up in that same blanket stayed perfectly still as hummingbirds hovered inches away trying to get nectar from the floral prints on the blanket. And you have to believe this ,thunder and lightning.

She loved riding on the pillion seat of my white 180 Super Sport Vespa , of course, Southern California has the right climate , like its home in Italy . Though it wasn’t a match with the earlier GS 150 it did the job , in fact when I returned for good I took it with me on a Pan Am 747 , maybe being in the airlines may have helped. When I wheeled it through UK customs they commented that this was a first. I ran it for several years . It’s only now that I’m into cycles I’m Vespa free.

I was also a bit of a skier and Ray my flat mate joined me for the six hour ride to mammoth mountain in the high Sierras. The club I joined had a cabin that slept a dozen , but mid week we would have it to ourselves. On one of those trips we had stopped for a bite , and in rode a pack of Hells Angels, to say we ate up quickly would be accurate.

One of my non airline friends had a private pilots licence and his club rented out four place aircraft. We were to have a very chaotic trip . Tell you about that another time, to be continued........


My film of the month a Palestinian, for a balance do see the Israeli film Walk on Water one of my favourites.




I’m terrible impressed with this girl, and her generation who are taking the climate change challenge so seriously.

Perhaps it’s the modern equivalent of the sixties protest movments , though they were essentially questioning the Cold War and Nuclear deterrence strategy, the same feeling of an Armageddon being just around the corner seems to be the overriding factor. As a bit of an atheist I find it has an almost religious intensity. Trouble with me is that I’ve never been much of a believer.

I’d love to hear what others closer to my age think.

I’ve just started my own campaign, on the rather unsexy topic of road safety .

I suppose it’s been triggered off by the anger caused by the accident, which gave me a bit of a bump on the head.

So far I’ve composed a petition/ questionnaire which I intend to deliver around the villages of the Rother Valley. It’s all about calming the A272; which is a bit of a race track . 

But what’s so interesting about all this protest stuff is that it tends to. only come about because of the energy that a type of anger brings.

Wow what a topic for the Lay Forum that we hold at the first Sunday of the month at the monastery.

Well I’ll wrap it up for now as a friend who is cycling from London is due any minute.               So long for now , and don’t get angry over no- thing as the Zen masters might say. PLG Tony 

Ps I’m preparing a house to accommodate a few bantam hens, and as it quite a long slow process applying the protective coats, I’m listening to the audio book of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists ( posted it recently) and I’m ready to march on The City of London , where all the greed resides.

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