Out and About A monthly romp in an entertaining way part 3


Out And About in August a monthly romp in an entertaining way pt3


Cycling back home from my overnight stay , I noticed the Sustrans route was getting overgrown and along the canal, moorhens owned the water.

I’m hoping to cycle all the way home , my first 20m go in two years.

Not many other bikes though, but it’s school holiday and maybe the cycling workers are sunning themselves on the Costa del Sol.

On the way Colin another retired rider stopped me to enquire about e bikes.

Just the man to ask as I’m on my forth. He was a calm conventional English academic whose wife wasn’t interested, he had a knee problem which was made better by cycling . I had the same developing arthritis that the doctor claimed was just normal wear and tear , but over time disappeared altogether.

I chickened out and caught the bus about 5 miles from home , and who was on it but Angie.


Life in Hollywood 

My biggest gig so to speak was working the Academy Awards Banquet, I was given the table of that years winners of the best picture A Man For All Seasons written by Robert Bolt , the husband of my friend Sarah Miles , who lives in the Manor House next to the monastery. She spurned Tinsel Town after her big hit Ryan’s Daughter because she saw right through it’s shallowness and she had developed a spiritual practice.

I used to have great fun with my guests as they loved my accent and the common statement was “ I’d love to take you home”.

It wasn’t always such fun , there were these money raising dinners in support of the war in Vietnam and I had General Curtis Le May ( he devised the fire bombing of Tokyo) the American Bomber Harris ,hosting my table he was the most miserable person .

Some of the late night Dinner Dances were great , wonderful tips and stars like Frank Sinatra gave it an enormous buzz .

After one nights work , lining up to collect our pay Bob Hope came down and thanked us .

I Soon got a regular job at Dino’s Lodge on the Sunset Strip. This was made famous by a TV show of the time 77 Sunset Strip. One night I was working the best tables of the house by the band and dance floor when Pat Boone came in with several guests , he left me a tip of $1 . I mentioned it at our break and was fired.


Dig those lovely Californian girls, the wonderful sounding Spanish names , but remember this was also home to the John Birch Society a ultra right group funded by rich oilmen.

I worked for the summer as a waiter on the Santa Fe railroad and some of the time I worked the Del Marr racetrack special . And the route to San Diogo goes along the beach , and the girls in their bikinis waved at the train as we went by.

Remember I was in my twenties and this was the sixties.

The other time the route was LA to Chicago and the occasional charter.

Working for tips ment that I was looking at people to see how much I could get out of them and not always strictly honestly.

One other experience I should mention was when I worked as a cook at the Playboy club . Never such a phoney place could you imagine. We were made to sign a promise not to date the bunnies, I ask you! Who would want to catch myxomatosis        

One day I heard about a way to earn thousands of dollars working on the growing number of cargo ships sailing to Viet Nam with weapons etc. So I went to Long Beach navel docks to sign up but I had to be a citizen.

I also tried to be an extra in the movies , so I joined the queue at central castings but I was too old , sometimes you just can’t win .to be continued.

Well as bugs bunny used to say ‘That’s all Folks ‘.   PLG Tony 

A view from the bridge
Now how does he do that ?


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