Up and running —- just about

Up and running —- just about

Well it's been rather a long time since the last post, so let me fill you in .

Last summer I went with my brother and friends up the Elba again, but it felt very different with others but Germany was as delightful as ever.

I'm afraid with Brexit and our government lack of concern for the refugees my country seems to be backing itself into a rather dark hole. Can't have nothing but admiration for Frau Merkle's courage to take political risks and inspire the young , something that's lacking in most of our leaders Corbyn excepted.

As for myself my prostrate has gone cancerous which has affected me in many ways.

I think I became depressed and drained of energy, hardly went anywhere on the bike.

Now I'm about to start Radiotherapy and to celebrate I'm pruning my cycle collection and taking four to the community cycle hub in Brighton 





Must mention a wonderful movie on Kurdish children refugees 



Last week I was knocked off the Brompton though I was unconscious until helicoptered to hospital waking up and wondering what happened. But the police were wonderful and were waiting to put me in the picture.

The Buddha tells us not to take things personally, so I'm trying to not feel like a beleaguered cyclist.

But it’s taken me longer to recover, blame it on the radiotherapy a bit different from the BBC radio kind.

So where am I now? I’m back cycling , returned from Chichester on the Brompton though to be honest I caught the bus half way. Did a late spring clean on the house , I’m going to sleep downstairs, no descending stairs in the middle of the night as a lodger is in the bathroom, for the hourly pee.

That should be taken care of as I’m having an operation to enlarge the hole.

So I have a spare room for any visitors, just said goodbye to a Canadian couple from Warm Showers , like SERVAS but for peddlers.

Let’s see If I can remember to post this on the web site as my memory took a bit of a knock as well...........PLG Tony

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Friday, 15 November 2019

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