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Please join me and take a few calculated risks and go beyond our every day comfort zone and experience through the joy of cycling our health, heart and humanity. To meet and share our life with a variety of others that we wouldn’t normally meet. I invite you to look at some links I find worthy and share your adventures and experiences.

Personally I’m pretty much an atheist/agnostic, who nonetheless has an optimistic view of the human potential for good. I’m fascinated by the Dharma life and it’s possibilities of discovering a greatness of heart within ourselves and every being. It’s an invitation to inwardly drop our opinions, views, ideas of ourselves, thoughts, our whole sense of time, and come to rest in a non-fixed position.

You will notice that much of the content has a rather strong autobiographical reference. I suppose that when I first started this blog a couple of years ago, this was my intention ;to tell my story as many have asked me to do and have done themselves. As this process slowly progresses I will try to "let go" of this and explore the present more and relate that to my awareness

You will notice that I sign off with PLG. This means Peace, Love, Gratitude, so do not get it mixed up with LPG or we all may go up in smoke



About 20 years ago I joined a cycling group BIKE EVENTS on a ride Bordeaux to Barcelona. Even though it was great fun, I realised that it could be better on my own. Nevertheless the experience gave me the push to try.

So I am considering offering to guide a small group on NCR 27 which is one of the best rides in the world! If anyone is  interested , it would be around 7 days duration,please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


THE PACKAGE – It is a T-shirt and a badge with the ZYCLING logo, plus a video about the Indian schools and a slim book of the teachings of a Buddhist monk. I would be happy to forward them to you as a gift.

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    Annette Begg Wednesday, 07 May 2014

    Tony, you quote an old friend of mine, Les Brown, as your inspiration for your recent birthday ride. I met Les and his wife,Jess, 33 years ago and they regaled my husband and I of their 60 mile bike ride to celebrate Jess' 60th birthday. We live in New Zealand but I am currently in Uk and one of my tasks is to find if Les is still alive or has passed away as we haven't received his wonderful Christmas letter fo a couple or few years. Are you in possession of any relevant information? I would truly appreciate if you could let me know please.

  • Guest
    Tony Golding Thursday, 08 May 2014

    Hi I heard about Les when someone gave me a copy of Fellowship News ,and I copied his story from that. I tried to contact the magazine but no reply , it must have died, as we all must! If you do come up with anything please get in touch as I would love to meet him too. I have very fond memories of eating and peddling in New Zealand , are you cyclist?

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