2) Leave at home, cell phones, lap tops and music players

What we are trying to create is a sense of being in the now. This requires as little outside stimulation as is possible. One then notices one’s habitual tendencies and those familiar distractions. So one’s attention begins to focus on the slowly passing surroundings, bird sound, smell of the crops, changing temperature, and the silence that you suddenly become aware of, the muscular effort of going uphill and the exhilaration down the other side with the relaxing feeling in the legs.
I must confess when cycling along a bike trail in Washington with the cascades on my left and the Skagit river on the right, I switched on the tranny and the Garrison Keillor show on PBS came on which completed this ideal American scene.

1) No sense of urgency
3) Staying silent during the day


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Friday, 15 November 2019

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