To teach longing, the longing to live in community, is an easy enough task because many people already carry this longing within themselves. This book can offer support on that path from longing to realization. There are many people who are entirely unaware that there are differently oriented groups which come together as communities for the purpose of living and doing things together that are less joyful and less effective when done alone. In today’s society, the pathway from an isolatedindividualist to a community-capable individualist is often rocky, but it is definitely enriching and frequently a great step towards inner and outer peace.
We hope very much that the curiosity, the joy and of course our own longing for community, which we have experienced during our research, will inspire many readers and that this book will help stimulate the founding of new communities and creating community networks, inter-community discussions, people joining, leaving and moving between communities, etc.
In any case, we are happy about every individualist who walks the path of self-determination and chooses communal forms, since communal living can represent a counterbalance to the antagonism which is so often found in our world today.

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