Please join me and take a few calculated risks and go beyond our every day comfort zone and experience through the joy of cycling our health, heart and humanity. To meet and share our life with a variety of others that we wouldn’t normally meet. I invite you to look at some links I find worthy and share your adventures and experiences.

My spiritual thought and feelings come from the Existential ideas of Martin Buber of transforming rather than transcending the world. He understood that relationships with others would be equivalent to how religious people understood God.


Please don’t be put off by the buddhist practice because it is a religion, you do not have to see it as such to get a lot from it. Personally I find the devotional side very difficult.



Several years ago I was given a book by the now forgotten Line Drawings Artist Frank Paterson.

Nobody has captured the spirit of cycling or the English Countryside better. Though this site has not been updated for ten years it’s wonderful and worth visiting.


I’m afraid if you want to get anything from this site you won’t get there by scrolling . The philosophy around Zycling is to carry out everything SLOWLY . You can’t be Mindful if your trying to get somewhere, as everything that we need is in the ’here and now’.




A Book Review : Einstein & the Art of Mindful Cycling , achieving balance in the modern world.


Clearing up my bookshelves recently, I came across this book that was signed by the author Ben Irvine I had forgot all about it as it must have been delivered at the same time as my accident, when my memory must have been affected. It’s a wonderful explanation of mindful cycling through the insights of Einstein . A must read if you want to intellectually understand Zycling, but as it points out doing is better than thinking .


Another helpful Book ; LISTENING, how to increase awareness of your inner guide by Lee Colt

las Brisas retreat centre P.O. Box 500 Wildomar, CA 92595


Personally I found this book a helpful tool in developing a meaningful meditation practice, Even though

its a bit Christian focused. His ideas were very similar to what I arrived at through Zycling


Martin Buber  I and Thou  , it was through this mans insights that the modern Counselling teaching was developed.

When you understand what he’s saying you will find a new vigour in your relationships .


Ajahn Sumedho  The Four Noble Truths


This is a free publication and frankly it’s all you need to understand modern Buddhist practice. Written in a very acceptable style for the western mind .

You can just about make out him in the small picture on the right hand side of this page . I consider him the main influence on my road with the Dhamma. If your interested I’ll willingly send you a copy



As there is lots of stuff, just type in the country or a subject and something will come up



i have been posting on Facebook for some time and been including Videos that my site won’t accept

and articles that have strong humanitarian content. In this world of manipulating and fake news the

truth isn’t easy to find.



I’ve found a better source of viz waistcoat they are  in two colours and have pockets and cheaper


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See the news page for how to order details


To contact me  toneechestnut@gmail.com





So I’ll sign off with PLG. This means Peace, Love, Gratitude, so do not get it mixed up with LPG or we all may go up in smoke.

Also when you type those letters be careful you don’t use the I letter as you could end up with PIG which isn’t Kosha







2 thoughts on “Welcome to mindful Zycling as in Zen cycling

  1. Tony, you quote an old friend of mine, Les Brown, as your inspiration for your recent birthday ride. I met Les and his wife,Jess, 33 years ago and they regaled my husband and I of their 60 mile bike ride to celebrate Jess’ 60th birthday. We live in New Zealand but I am currently in Uk and one of my tasks is to find if Les is still alive or has passed away as we haven’t received his wonderful Christmas letter fo a couple or few years. Are you in possession of any relevant information? I would truly appreciate if you could let me know please.

  2. Hi I heard about Les when someone gave me a copy of Fellowship News ,and I copied his story from that. I tried to contact the magazine but no reply , it must have died, as we all must! If you do come up with anything please get in touch as I would love to meet him too. I have very fond memories of eating and peddling in New Zealand , are you cyclist?

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