This is a strange one as we are so brainwashed into achieving. How many miles have you done today? How long did it take to get up the mountain and did you walk? What! You put the bike on a train!?
“I must have the state-of-the-art machine and equipment.” (The world renowned writer and cyclist Dervla Murphy used a three-speed sit up Hercules on her trip to Afghanistan.) By all means have a serviceable and roadworthy bike, but if the going’s too steep, get off and walk, experience the land by foot and work another set of muscles. “I must keep up with that good looking rider, can’t let them think I’m a wimp”. If you pass by an interesting feature and your inner guide says stop and have a look, it’s so important to acknowledge and respond to that voice. (For more on this, see “LISTENING” by Lee Coit ISBN 0-936 475-00-5)

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