Three cheers for this amazing woman who pushed through this cycle safety campaign against lots of official indifference

A year ago every household in the city had just received their forms about 20mph limits and now we have our roundels (well with the odd exceptions of Blackberry Lane, Florence Road due to planned resurfacing etc) and signs which are now law!

We now also have our celebrations well behind us and all went very well with champagne being drunk, pinata smashed, roundel swept, sign unveiled, cakes baked, guerrilla knitting up, artists let lose on the streets, sponges thrown at our 20mph stocks, balloons launched etc, Stonepillow, 4Sight and cargo bikes all in evidence…

A great day with celebrations elsewhere in the city too.

Since then, I have been busy writing out cheques to pay people for their time and services and writing over 40 thank you letters….(at least 5 more to go that I know of). I owe a huge debt of thanks to all those people who helped in loads of different ways to make these events so successful with such short notice.

I have not had much time to sort of my photos yet, but some are on FaceBook under “Chichester Greenways”, some attached to this email, and we are planning a display in the Library in September.


1) Pedestrian (cycle?) path proposed by WSCC on Cathedral Way – presumably to avoid the greater danger on the busy road now the massive bridge will make crossing the railway at Bishop Luffa School a major hurdle for some people.

2) Thursday 19th September at 7.30 pm meeting in Fishbourne Centre re the Emperor Way Cycle path – its fate is still very much in the balance as there is no news from the Palace about their plans either way. This path could still be axed.

3) Plans for Southgate Gyratory are causing me grief – so much so that I have approached Dutch Cycling Embassy and Cycling Embassy of Great Britain for input and perhaps help in organising a seminar/workshop…Responses so far favourable but it looks like cyclists might be having to negotiate 3 toucan crossings in 300 yards and I am not sure this will be an improvement…Would you rather use the road or 3 toucan crossings? I hope the full public consultation helps everyone see sense.

4) Cycle Jumble was much quieter than “Celebrate the Street” but this helped me to start on the fundraising to buy a cargo bike for Chichester! This is great and I am really grateful to CDC for this and everyone who helped or turned up at the jumble.

I went on a course about setting up a social enterprise, but will not be able to meet the deadline of August for filling in this detailed form as I think this needs to be grown organically and I am unable at the moment to project my costs etc for the next 3 years.

But I do want to introduce a new scheme to Chichester both for business use and to encourage replacing a car journey for the nursery / school run and trips with little ones and will start by researching the market in September, so I might send you a really short survey if you don’t mind terribly…If you would like to know more, please email or ring me as I will need some keen helpers on this one!

I also need to thankWSCC for their financial support for our “Celebrate the Street” events – we couldn’t have done this without funding. (Well we almost had to as funding only arrived 6 days before the event, and I will write myself a cheque soon to cover the costs I had to cover which ran to over £500 all told!)

From September, I will hopefully also be meeting Sgt Glasspool from Chichester Police Station to discuss how volunteers can use a speed gun and highlight issues via Operation Crackdown. I know that many people have shown a keen interest in this, the next stage of 20mph limits becoming the enforceable norm. The signs are the council’s endorsement of the community-led scheme, but we now need to make sure that the limits are not ignored.

How do you feel that things are going?

Please do give me your feedback as this is vital.

Looking forward to hearing from you, whether you are happy so far or not – usually it is the people who are not who get in touch, but it is vital we need to know what you think about the scheme in its early days.

If you would like to help out from September with Operation Crackdown ( or the speedgun, please do get in touch too.

Best regards,

Sarah Sharp

20′s Plenty for Chichester

07789 843556

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