Coincidence or what?
Does everything happen by chance? Or is there a kind of plan or energy that takes shape when we live a life that conforms to a moral code , and we try to be mindful.
My guess is that this would be impossible to prove, but experientially it may be another matter.
Carl Jung used the term synchronicity or meaningful coincidence, a kind of extrasensory perception. The buddha cautioned against any paranormal powers and the use of them.
Not long after I got married, I went with my wife on a  weekend cycle ride around the countryside of Dieppe France a short swim from our home in Brighton. The first day we stayed around the town in a nice hotel. Then I suggested we explore further and take pot luck with accommodation , the ZYCLING idea was beginning to germinate in my mind. Towards the evening we looked out for an Inn, but after  couple of disappointments, it was late summer and places were closing. My wife had a stress and threw herself down under a tree and declared she wasn’t going any further.
After some pleading she agreed to try once more and sure enough we came upon a tiny simple Inn, and the patron, his wife was away, welcomed us in, putting the bikes safely in the kitchen. He placed a record on the turntable ( this was a long time ago ) and produced a roast chicken with all the trimmings.
We were the only guests and after a bath we lay down on a rather lumpy bed and I whispered in her ear ” you see a place did turn up” , ” just a coincidence ” she snapped back.
On our next break, we were running a restaurant , we went to Paris on a Vespa. For some reason we were turned away from a B&B , wondering where to go , an American girl came up to us and suggested we try a bookshop nearby called Shakespeare &Company , as the owner lets people stay the night if they help tidy up and read a book. So we met Mr. Whitman , another hero figure of mine, Walt that is . This one was also a fan and had changed his name. (See the film Beautiful Dreamers) . So we spent the night in his bed, he was impressed with our restaurant .
When I was working as a counsellor after about half a dozen sessions the young lad who was my client said that he had joined a Buddhist group and felt he no longer needed to see me. Now I hadn’t referred to the Dhamma even though I was deep into practice then.
Then a couple of years ago , a visitor from the States , who was a stranger who couldn’t stay at the monastery, suggested that as I had lived there I was entitled to a pension. I called the Embassy next day and after a few weeks a letter from Baltimore advised me that I was eligible for three hundred smackers a month, to be back dated nine years! My mortgage was due and I didn’t have enough in savings , so it was my rainy day.
Another time cycling along the Ridgeway , the weather turned nasty so I came down and stayed in Hungerford. They were having a craft week , and looking around I spotted a beautiful stoneware bowl that would make a smashing candle holder. It was much too large and fragile to strap on the bike . I mentioned to the artist how I would love to take it , and an other visitor overheard where I lived and said she was going right by and would drop it off.
The truly amazing story of how Chithurst was established , makes one wonder if there is something going on .
So what’s going on? Do we make our own luck? When our marriage broke up, she took a big risk, gave up her safe state teaching job and trained as a Steiner teacher.
I’ve come to the conclusion, that when you go beyond your comfort zone , things happen that are beyond your control, and if you can trust and stay with the experience a kind of magic starts to happen . At least that’s how it feels .
According to buddhist teaching all our actions have consequences.
Anyone following my blog would see how things do seem to work out and sometimes in quite remarkable ways. I’ll leave it at that. PLG Tony 
ps I just returned from a Qi Gong class , and on the table amongst the leaflets was a book Qi Gong for Multiple Sclerosis, one of my sons has the beginnings and I shall send it to him for his birthday next month! Is that just a coincidence or what? 

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