Get up nice and close whisper in her ear

your beautiful

and leave


North America 6 


A nice place to be
I had to drag myself away from the Servas family Ronie Ray the Tai Chi master had such insightful things to say about human nature, but he’s modest and referred me to a couple of authors  Ian Sinclair and Mantakchia. Left my luggage at the station which is so laid back and got into conversation with  Virginia from a WASP family in West Virginia. They suffer from a dementia gene, and she was homeless , but also a Esalen junkie and was planning to take a course.
Popped into the information centre, and they were very helpful and I told them the Ray Davis story , and the very attractive assistant said that her dad was a fan. So I’m just on my way to the Cultural Museum on campus, writing this in bright sunshine surrounded by lovely co-eds, I think that’s what you call them from my Playboy reading days.
“Till this people will consent to give up their lands, and divide them among their citizens so that each can own the land he cultivates, they will not make much more progress.” Congressman Henry Dawes, Lake Mohonk Conference Proceedings, 1885
    And then by promoting accommodating tribal members who were not traditional leaders they undermined the community. End of Story .welcome to the USA.
Chief Yalkhama;  I am watching your eye, I am watching your tongue, I am thinking all the time. Perhaps you are making fools of us. We don’t want to be made fools. I have heard tyees (Chiefs) talk like you do now. They go back home and send us something a white man don’t want. We are not dogs. We have hearts. We may be blind. We do not see things that his treaty promised. Maybe they got lost on the way. The President is a long way off. He can’t hear us. Our words get lost in the wind before they get there.1869.  And so the exploitation of the weak continues to this day by everyone.
I’m having lunch in a rather nice place on Campus within touching distance of my embarrassingly smart mount that rides like a dream, ( bikes get stolen before you can say Bike Friday) listening to Radio four. The 10pm news is about to start and James Naughty is going to announce the fate of our green and pleasant land.
                         We get the leaders that we deserve apparently. PLG Tony 

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