The ultimate high tec. cycle at the Silicon Valley museum 

North America 7

Half of the day and all of the night. ( girl I want to be with you)
Waiting ( but not tired ) at the Depot for the 510pm Coast Starlight bound for LA, though I’m getting off at SF. If all goes well we will be in the hilly city at 945am .
The train arrived 10min. late and we were asked to wave at the driver , who waved back, seriously, all twelve of us followed by having our tickets scanned and given our seat number. I make for the dinning car and have the full monty, hold the Mayo. I just noticed an Amish couple, straight out of central castings. It’s like a movie! 
So I say goodnight and hold tight cos it’s going to be a swell ride. ( my American is improving ).
We’re speeding along through Imperial Valley, it looks very dry as little rain has fallen for four years, the sky is that Californian blue, slightly smoggy with a bright sun.
Down town SF was a bit intimidating, but my Servas host Robert was waiting with his car and whisked me away to San Jose and the Silicone Valley Museum where we were given a guided tour by his friend. I just had a shower at his ranch style home with a lovely wild garden and  bee hives (his Kiwi wife died a few years ago) and I’m settling down for a kip before meeting his lady friend. I’m his first Servas traveller so he’s making a lot of fuss. His three boys live in SF all have high powered careers and the garage is full of their high powered toys.
 We have just been on a grand tour of the area, taking in the Redwoods, they rely on the sea fog that feeds them through their spines as the rain fall is low this time of the year. Lunch on the campus of Stanford Uni. as this is a private school I guess the co-eds are gold plated. Back home I met one of his boys who was repairing one of the toys.
My friend an ex-monk and his partner came to pick me up and off we went to their favourite beach which is part of a Zen centre in Marin County across the Golden Gate Bridge after a blow out meal at their favourite restaurant . Then they dropped me off at my new Servas hosts who live right on the cycle route that I shall be taking to go north.
                        So bye bye from the home of the mountain bike. PLG tony


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