And that’s just the Afters, the main courses ” are out of sight”

North America 12 

Life at a Californian Buddhist Monastery
Up at 5am for forty minutes meditation sitting , my sweeping chore, and breakfast where we were entertained by William a multilingual fifty seven year old ex diplomatic corps bloke, with crazy descriptions of his career in a dis -functioning world. Populated by psychopaths and untrained morons. Probably better than trained ones! 
Oh how he lamented the betrayal of the baby boomers by the Clintons and Obama.
I got most of my washing done, it’s hanging in the perpetual sunshine, in a place which has every facility. There are about half a dozen earnest lay men and women some of whom are of Thai extraction and about six  Monastics, one that I know from Chithurst though no nuns. Apparently in nearby Sacramento some of the nuns that split from the Order a few years ago, have successfully established a supported Sangha. 
Just returned from the most amazing walk around the property, to the excited sounds of the Thai women who have arrived with offerings ( Dana) . I feel a bit guilty as yesterday I stopped by a roadside cherry vender, and I could have managed a large punnet for the meal, c’est la vie.
The main and only meal, except for a light breakfast, was up to the usual standard, plus they have a variety of organic juices on hand. I try not to notice the throwaways, as the general rule is away it goes on the second day.
This afternoon was a work one and I was back on the amazing path with a rake, making it more amazing. This evening was a Dhamma talk and I’m afraid I dozed off.
Listening to my tiny Roberts tuned to the local Public Radio, in the news, a selection of reports from different sources eg, DW, BBC, etc. they reported an Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia, 8 deaths, this happened to me in Dallas, without any casualties, though a passenger threatened to sue. Later there was a program on Ted Talks about Trust, which reminded me of the lack of that on that BA program that I commented on recently. Everything at the Monastery is unlocked as with Servas nothing really works for long without trust.
Oh yes I made up for my lack of generosity, by giving the bar bag that I so lovingly put together to Hector a young Mexican American who plans to give up his car and cycle to the monastery. If he is successful I shall mail him a T shirt!
I found a book by Ajahn Sumedo that’s new to me, and the chapter entitled ” don’t be afraid of trusting yourself ” is so spot on. The book is entitled Don’t take your life Personally .
Another sumptuous meal and I lent a hand making the Smoothy, with mangoes from heaven. Today is an all night sitting, which I’m going to take a rain check ( American for give it a miss for the time being) though with the current drought may be a long time coming.
Tonight we will taking the Eight Precepts, quite a bit different from zycling ones;
Not taking the life of any living creatures 
Only take what is offered
Not any kind of sexual activity
Refrain from false or harmful speech
No intoxicants or drugs
Mustn’t eat outside meal times
No entertainment or adornment 
Don’t sleep on a high or soft sleeping place
Actually it’s not really that different from a wholesome daily life is it ?
Lying down in my Kuti, digesting far too much, listening to the Left Wing non-commercial  radio with its delightfully casually presented alternative music, news and poetry. In an hour Ken Livingstone, ex mayor of London, will be assessing the British elections, Life is Sweet with Forthright Radio. Just heard the sound of distant thunder,    
                              Could this mean rain? PLG Tony

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  1. Hi Tony,

    I just read your blog. So interesting. A nice insight, human and a sense of place. I look forward to reading more entries.

    Thanks, James

  2. Hi john, yes it was, though leaving is so hard to do, was that Paul Anchor , breaking up is hard to do, or do my memories weigh me down . Tony

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