North America 13 

CC Rider is alive and running.
I’m waiting for what must be the most famous bus in blues music. The route is from Santa Rosa to Fort Bragg a three hour journey .its about a lady of the night, but I better not go there either.

Interestingly, after all that warm attention at the Monastery, I’m feeling a bit deflated, because I’m a bit of a novelty , with this unusually loaded bike, people are constantly coming up in that amazingly friendly American Way, wanting to know where I’m going etc. Though I do find it a bit spooky, this over cheerful greetings, most of time it feels insincere, but sometimes I’m sure it’s not.
I wonder if that is the experience of celebrities and very attractive people, who are showered with attention. Talking about showering it’s started to rain, though we didn’t get it on the hill, a couple on a tandem told me they got soaked in the other valley.
Back on the bus we are being entertained by The Who’s Tommy, the Pinball Wizard.
The driver called ahead for the connecting busses, the service is incredible. I met some of the men on board with back packs, and are homeless. Chatting to one, his story about his parents, Hells Angels, his mother died of a overdose of heroin at 50 and his father on crack, he himself has spent 9years in prison, and his children have been adopted, you wonder how they get up in the morning. Most of them like to cycle, and one just passed, loaded with plastic bags, he didn’t wave though.
Dropped off back on Ca. 1 at 630 and at about eight pm found a place on the cliffs, just within sight of a millionaires cottage. My address is 31000 highway one Mendocino County Ca. Do drop me a line, though you had better be quick. Oh yes it’s also in a hazard free Tsunami Zone.
Just a bit about the Redwoods, that in this early morning mist, are having their breakfast. You will often see them growing in clusters of about half a dozen, almost in a perfect circle, like a family keeping each other company. The poppies though are still closed up, and asleep, waiting for the sun. I’m no biologist as you’ve probably guessed.
I’m not kidding, but I just picked up a full reel of black insulating tape which is very useful, as some of my equipment is sliding around. “It’s a miracle”.
There is 35miles to Leggett, and I had 6 hours to leg it. But little did I know that there were formidable hills to get over, the last one seem to go on for ever, and I started to get angry. Ok I could have made it for the 130pm bus, that’s if they allowed me on. But this isn’t zycling. So as soon as I decided enough was enough, my t shirt was soaking, a suitable track appeared and I wheeled into the forest and started to enjoy myself again. Put on the radio a choice between NPR lamenting the terrible mess that America has got itself in ,a Christian syrupy diet , or good old rock and roll, what did I choose? got out Ray Davis, don’t care for the Buddhism in the Dharma Bums, and made a meal.
Had a nibble of some magic chocolate from  Ryan’s girl friend and a drag of something that one of the men of the road gave me .Yes your right it wasn’t the Christian show. 
The one I chose, advertised Mendocino Vapours, now I wonder what that is!
Life is really mellow, Californian style zzzzzzzzzz.. PLG Tony

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