North America 15

Tony in Wonderland, naturally 

Just got this very interesting piece from a chap I met on the bus.
Hi Tony,I hope you’re enjoying your travels. I have attached my academic paper to this email, which explains my concept of Neighborhood Urban Agricultural Hubs. 

Ron.                               I’m afraid his PDF hasn’t come out , when he gets in touch I’ll give it another try .

Morning has broken in this cute motel, it’s in the Adventure Cyclist Guide that never arrived, which is for sale, $700000 so you in that semi in Hackney, sell and give it a go, the owner ( he totally restored it ) has had enough of California and wants to move back to Oregon. Incidentally Smart Phones don’t work around here. Had a look a my stoned blog of yesterday, it’s not so funny in the cold light of day , but I suppose that’s how drugs work, they remove a layer of reality, the discernment one , and for a time your in the centre with the world spinning around , a bit like a fair ground Carousel, my favourite show.

So it’s time for a sober reflection on how the first couple of weeks have gone. Better than in my wildest dreams , alternative America is still alive if a bit bruised.
I would like to make some kind of intimate contact with the straight ones though. This kinda happened waiting for the train in Eugene. I started chatting to a reluctant couple, and later in the Dome car, in deep conversation, they came by and the wife snapped, ” still talking are you” . She had me, a hole  in one, but it was more of a swipe than a stroke.
Yesterday, by my camp-site one of those enormous RV was parked and it passed me later towing a car on a trailer. I fantasied whether I could have asked them for a lift? 
Just picked up an note from my next contact who has invited me to stay with all his visiting family . So I won’t rush and try to get the Amtrak bus.
You know, just contacting by the I Pad is working out much better than I thought and I didn’t have to invest in an overpriced Sim Card.
Just down the road, Highway 101 which has transformed from the Freeway into a “very nice road” paraphrase my favourite movie comedy Life of Brian ( a very naughty boy), stands the bus/food stop, and it’s Burrito Time a very workable way to have breakfast.
No messy preparation, just pop it into the microwave and voila , the French would have none of it!
My head is nice a clear, no need for a Alice in Wonderland nibble, though I do seem to be pressing the pedals even downhill, I’m singing Kinks songs , “and frankly I don’t give a damn” as Clark Gable said in GWTW.
The reason why Amtrak run a bus along here, is because they had their own Dr. MacBeeching apparently, the line is still there, what a cycle route that would make.
Go On Mr. Apple man dig your hands in your pockets and create the MacApple Route and go down in posterity.
I was very tempted to follow the old broken Highway to the never any more land that follows the river gorge to nobody’s quite sure, though the gift shop lady remembers it as a child.
They seem to have seen better days along this road, see the Tree House, the wonderful carved Indian wears a distinct frown. The signs says Confusion Hill, your telling me , the downs seem up and the ups, don’t go there!
Had a long chat with the ladies in a gift shop, one of which is a Biologist who worked on many environmental projects all over California . Her friend’s grandad worked on the CCC work details during the Depression. They were  keen supporters of Bernie Saunders The socialist senator , running for president ( shades of Henry Wallace) as a Democrat from  Vermont.
Managed to get off the 101 for a bit, and along the newly surfaced old road where I came by this delightful retreat centre. The caretaker John, a real San Franciscan, was preparing the grounds for a visiting group. See 
Spent a little time with some bikers from the San Fernando Valley. They were so friendly , another polish of my ego I’m afraid. They may be big riders on their shiny Harley’s 
                     But small is beautiful, isn’t it ? PLG Tony 

3 thoughts on “North America 15

  1. Hi Tony,

    I am loving your blog, it’s like being there. My friend Miles, an Englishman who lived in San Francisco, described Highway 101 as a “sporty little road”, when we drove along it, and with its rock falls littering the road, and amazing bridges over creeks, it was an exciting ride.

  2. It was great meeting Tony on the road and we admire his spirit of adventure.
    Your Harley friends from the San Fernando Valley.

  3. Hi Trish, I always thought that Valley Girls were Hot, but then someone said that they were Cool. I guess there’re Hot to touch, but Cool to be with. Did the Beach Boys have something to say about them? Or were they included in Californian Girls .
    Keep riding . PLG Tony

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