North America 19

The Worlds most Organic Cycle Race

Jack and Sharon’s  family have been Skyping with a friend in Austin Texas who’s children attend a farm based Montessori school, so they know all about naughty GM foods and are committed Organics. Sharon’s daughter is more interested in Waldorf schools for her children . Jack used to go into jails to teach meditation .
This morning we’re ( is that correct Sara ) attending the Original World Famous Cycling Statues their  Organic too, in Arcata square and out of the many contrivances I’ve picked the Go-Anywhere cycle made by Wile E. Coyote of for my photo of the day. The atmosphere is incredible in one of the coolest ( the fog is threatening to descend and my legs are cold ) towns in these United States. The Band had just struck up, and I’m getting all weepy. They are off on a three day run across sand dunes and rivers, I think it’s a race of sorts
Back at the square eating some wonderful organic goats cheese, bread and honey, waiting for the afternoon bus to the border with Oregon. The wind is blowing as the sun  has broken through so it’s just as well I’m bussing. While I’m waiting I found a frozen yogurt parlour where you help yourself  to several yoghurts, nuts, fruit and sweeties it’s weighed and costs around $5 for plenty. I was so impressed with this one off business, that I made a donation to homeless project that they were supporting.
The bus ride North costs a lot more than the county ones, I noticed the familiar logo of First Great Western, its well kitted out but there are no senior fares.
A couple of others joined, including a fisherman who told a wonderful story of hauling in a 60 lb Salmon. The driver was very interested in politics, and once again the dissatisfaction with the system was palpable. 
The end of the line is Smith River an enormous expanse of sandy beach where I’m camped, and walked to a bonfire that a family who were staying in a house nearby had lit and were sending fireworks into the darkening sky. They also were very disappointed with the direction the country was going. I suggested that they might consider a route that Guy Faulks took , but their history didn’t stretch that far back. Most of the people on the West Coast think that the White House has gotten rotten, dirty and they, forgotten.
Ray Davis, banged up in NY is trying to be creative, and eating with some of the pop writing legends is a perfect read for War Babies like me. The nostalgia and fantasy brightens the heart and mind no end, not very Buddhist no doubt, but I can’t lie here just listening to the Pacific waves, and thinking about breakfast. I’m also wondering if I’m feeling as happy and complete as those days forty years ago lying with my new beautiful wife in our VW Samba, with the sun roof open listening to Beethoven Pastoral competing with the local birds above Cheddar Gorge.
But enough of that its 6am foggy and I’m ready to pack up and hit the Pines. PLG Tony

3 thoughts on “North America 19

  1. Great to hear what you are doing. I was planning a cycle trip, Seattle to San franscico , later in the year….but I think I’ll just read about yours.
    Although I can’t work out where you are…Oregan somewhwre!
    Linda Grieve ( stayed at your house last year when cycling to Devon )

  2. Hi Linda , I’m wreaking my brains to remember you, give me some clues. Look you must make the trip yourself, though I bet you were pulling my leg. I’m holed up in a motel in Gold Beach . Nothing to write home about , just the constant growl of pickups, but the neighbours are quiet, in fact it’s very pleasent . Soon I’ll be on a WWOOFing farm up the road , now that will be ORGANIC . PLG Tony

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