North America 22 

Trailer for sale or rent ( Johnny Cash?)

It’s Memorial Day, and tomorrow is Tuesday a cue for one of the great Progressive bands The Moody Blues 
And as I’m having a lazy day here’s another, so put away your drugs and just groove with the moment.
Just to prove to you that I’m not a total cheap skate I’ve just checked into a very reasonable motel, with fridge, TV, WIFI double bed for under $50. Next door is the local museum, so I’m going walk-a-bout ( great movie ).  
 Look at her eyes as she wonders whether she’s got herself into a worse mess. The film’s theme is a Back to Nature message, a bit like I’m playing with, though tonight it’s going to be a TV one with this giant screen facing the bed.
The picture of the day is a trailer park overlooking the ocean. The residents pay $600 per month to rent a home or $350 if they own the place. They are very neighbourly as they chat with each other over a beer in this sunny windy climate.

Just a note about the Coast Path. It’s on a bus route and they will drop you off at an access point, but I don’t think they will stop anywhere  to pick up like the Mendocino ones do. See Curry Public Transit.
Just a tiny historical note, while I was at the Visitors Centre, just above is a war memorial, and this being that day, a group of Veterans were commemorating and of course. Gold Beach was one of the landing places that the Allies came ashore in Normandy on D day.
Back to the moment, must put a meal in the microwave ( Marie Callender’s  cheddar and bacon potato Bake) bread and goats cheese, Concord Grape Juice , peaches and ice cream. On goes the TV and the flicking starts, only because of the blog to accurately report how the conditioning  of Americans happens through TV
I’m watching a Dragons Den type show called Shark Tank but the panel don’t seem like millionaires, and canny business people, the musical background leads the show and informs their questions and the inventors act so theatrical, this one is a total phoney in fact the whole show feels like an act. You just can’t take it seriously. Dragons Den 10 Shark Tank 3. 
In the Profit it’s a documentary about business partnerships going haywire, another totally bogus reality show.
It seems that the entire evening program is devoted to reality business shows.
The next is the Best Restaurant show. And they all feel contrived.
The MTV channel has the old show The Dating Game, which in the UK I believe was taken off when it became phoney. Not that that matters on this version.
This Chanel is equivalent to BBCTV three for the under thirties, can’t stand the UK, version so as far as this Chanel is concerned I’M OUT 
The Christian Chanel is the usual lecture to a very passive audience with ridiculous metaphors.
The next Chanel were more reality shows but accented to criminal activity
C-SPAN has a very good university investigation of the Bush Presidency so far the speakers all are speaking in favour. The audience is very sparse, what is this show saying about the political intellectual interest of the cultural people. I suppose because it’s Memorial Day  the programs are leaning towards the patriot/nationalism .
The Weather Chanel has amazing animations with severe weather appearing very alarmingly all around the country. Texas is about to go under, in water, no drought there folks. Hold on a dam has collapsed and there’s a tornado alert.
A new version of a Friends type comedy a bit more edgy.on WGN
Fox has the rudest Chef in the world Gordon Ramsey on their Master Chef show completely over the top , and Mr. Ramsey is much less confrontational than with the suffering Brits.
ABC has a quiz show introduced by that manic English man who does CNN financial programs I think his name is Quest
I’ve found a War channel currently WW 2 it’s a bit confusing whether the film is a pacifist one. With a flash forward to old age and regret. It’s just done a Segway to a completely different program, as the last one didn’t really finish with The End. I fact they all seem like a long promotion for another show, are we’ve gone back to the war movie. 
        I’m beginning to understand American TV . PLG Tony 
Ps back at C-SPAN , the critical voices are on military and civilian.

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  1. Hi Tony
    Enjoying your blogs, which now I’m out of retreat purdah, I’m reading daily. So, don’t despair – someone – moi- is hoovering them up. Keep your spirits up. Sounds fun in an up and down sort of way! You need to be resilient it seems to me. Enjoy!

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