North America 24 

The British are coming, heave too you Pirates 

Had a bit of a nightmare, it went something like ‘now you have a nice day’ me ‘ I don’t want a nice day, thank you very much’, but you must have a nice day your in America ! Can’t remember what happened after that, other than I woke up to a very nice day .
As I was packing up, who should drive in to the car park; THE SHERIFF. He parked at one end of the park, and I sneaked past, his head was lowered, and he seemed in deep consultation with his radio.
The highway seemed rather littered and the notice said ‘adopted by Pacific High School’ so get your fingers and hands out chaps, and get picking. But being a Piratical
bunch what do you expect .’ Slice the mainbrace, me hearties there be the British on the port side, show them a bit of Yankee pride.
Why thanks chaps, I’m on the wrong side of the road!
Stopped to watch a guy trimming around the roadside electrical equipment. Apparently they do this do reduce the chance of fires, and it thins out the insect population who could get into their equipment ( and make free calls ) though I did ask him to call Ann my WWOOF host to say that I would be arriving in time for tea (that’s at 4pm) he agreed that the TV was so bad that he didn’t allow his children to watch.

Having my lunch by a lake in a fine RV site protected by woods and it has free WIFI, so I didn’t have to bother that chap. Ray’s Americana is so good, his journey through a musical life, is so honest and down to earth. He loves to reflect on how so many of us get trapped in the Factory, a metaphor for the work ethic and it’s often empty promises. He quotes a Gertrude Stein line : once you get there, you find ” there is no there there” Such a zen insight don’t you think?
Talking about promises the WIFI connection doesn’t work. But I won’t bother as I’ll be with Ann soon and I can spend all the time in the world blogging, surfing ……………
More stuff from Ray: if I had been honest with myself,I would have realised that music never made me free. The moment we had success was the moment we entered the factory. It seemed that freedom is an illusion; the secret is to always try to be free in your head.
I can see why people come here, they’re several para-surfing on the lake, a perfect place as the wind is strong away from the trees. There’s some interesting history about this place. When I get home I’m going to put all these blogs together to make a book, which will include all the pictures I’ve been taking along the way, which will tell much more of the trip.
Why is Langlois world famous, well not everyone was happy with that description but the new sign was erected. So the sheep have the cleanest wool, and the bracing, clean air gives their meat a world beating flavour. They also make the best Hot Dog mustard in the Universe and the last world beating achievement Blue Vein Cheese , is sadly no longer when the factory burnt. Courtesy of the Library , a very well funded place through the efforts of an amazing lady called Toby .
       Brandon here I come . PLG tony

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