North America 29 

When it’s raining have no regrets

We had a great bonfire last night I built it like a pyramid about 4feet high, they had never seen a fire that size before, it’s all that practice at the monastery, we have fires after the forest log month when we cut the chestnut for the boiler. The female wwoofer turned up with these chocolate covered peanut butter sweets (Reese’s) and marshmallows. One of the subjects of our conversations covered secondary education, not very encouraging. And at 11 o’clock it rained. The timing was about right.
Goodbyes before a nice wet ride to Coos Bay . Stopped by a real bakery and had a chat with the baker who just took over, and was still learning with a more experienced assistant, though he’s hoping that the real baker, now 83, will return to pass on all his knowledge.
When it’s wet, handling maps and paper is quite tricky, so thank Gouod for the touch screen I Pad . Crossing a swing bridge, which probably hasn’t been used for many years, as the logging industry is very sparse, the reason for Oregon’s relative poverty, also passing many golf courses which this area is known for.
Around the fire last night, the virtues of living in a Communist system came up, a sure sign of deep dissatisfaction with a government.
I decided to cycle the 25m to Coos Bay though the timetable said there was a bus at 9.35 and I did get wet and not having a rear mudguard made things a bit messy.
I’m in the bus shelter ( I forgot to note the address, and very few people seem to know where the stop was or whether a bus existed ) having a coffee and a Danish from that nice baker, and wondering when the bus North is due. According to the computer its 1235 but here it says 210 , but who cares I’m in the dry and the bus will come sometime, and I’m having a nice wet day!
Had a long chat with the guy feeding the recycling machine, ( Nickle a can ) his family came over from England in 1609 isnt that before the Mayflower! His closing remark was ‘ when you get old, all you can do is talk’. Apparently it never stops raining in Coos.
As I unloaded in preparation for the online bus which is off line, I decided to carry on waiting in the shelter and terrorise the recycling people with my inane chat.
Another bus comes and he tells me I’m at the wrong stop, so when I get to the correct office the bus has gone. So I check into a motel, just as well as my tent etc needs drying, and tomorrow when I get off the bus I can get on cycling the 50m. They have a hostel here, for the homeless but I’m not quite there yet. Oh yes, in the last 14 hours there has been four earthquakes, not high enough to make a tsunami.
    I hope your appetite is wetted for another days adventure mine still is. PLG tony.

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