North America 36 view of mt. Baker

All uphill and it’s Hot .
Jon stayed till about eleven o’clock last night, and we chatted bikes ,football, competitive experiences you name it. It’s off to Port Angeles and a spectacular mountain climb that Jon recommended.
The trail into Port Angeles has the highest wow factor, and according to the map will eventually go through the Olympic park which should give it world status.
Having breakfast in a very nice place on the waterfront, but the meal is the most expensive yet, but I’m worth it, and the WIFI connection is perfect.
Across the road is a hotel, the owner has a collection of bikes that you wouldn’t believe. I’ve left all my stuff in the room and I’m off to explore the Olympic National Park.
Just purchased a Leatherman 14 thingy me jigs ( made in Oregon )to replace a penknife that I left somewhere. All that is left is a towel that escaped my gaze, but I’ll settle for a T shirt and the trusty flannel.
 At the Visitors Centre I’m Informed that the first 3 miles up to Hurricane Ridge is the hardest, then the rest of the 17 miles is a doddle. As I’ve been walking an unloaded bike I hope this doesn’t turn out to be my Last Stand/walk/cycle even crawl.
Whenever I get anxious about the directions it nearly always turns out OK as you are literary spoon fed, everything is made as easy as possible, if it isn’t then you’re probably in a No Trespass Area and you had better keep your head down.
At mile 2 and I’m already thinking of turning around.
I stick at it, fill up the water bottles at the Ranger Station, where they take $7 for the privilege, and it did get a bit easier. But I was walking a lot and at the 15 mile marker I’d  had enough, even though I was drinking like a fish, I felt those dehydration symptoms, chilled and my thighs like jelly. It was nearly 5pm and I decided to turn around, as the only thing that was keeping me going, was the thought of an ice cream at the top.
The free wheel back felt cold and not as appealing as it looks. As I got back into town I felt disoriented but I found the hotel, and threw myself into the shower and slowly came too. I was incredibly hungry, and next door is an all American Diner.
I still felt thirsty, and collapsed on the bed watching a NPR program of singing groups of the 50/60. It’s funny as even though I was brought up with these teenage idols I’d never seen them. Every so often though I got terrible cramps in my legs, have I done long lasting damage? but I slept fine.
So is there a moral to that event? Give up when you’ve had enough possibly! PLG Tony 

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