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No ! Not another book to read.

As the ship pulls out I’m feel a bit choked up, I’m really glad that I’ve got a Servas host to stay with in Victoria, I only hope that ‘the nice days’ will continue, though not so stridently perhaps. Interestedly all those comments I’ve been making about my impressions in America seem a bit vacuous, if not hostile. Perhaps one should say nothing when one is travelling as it passes so quickly, as opposed to judgments, and impressions which in themselves don’t represent truth, but stay around for much longer to haunt and demean. But as we’re human we thrive on gossip and criticism our biggest fear is to appear vacuous with nothing to say. So if Ive offended any Americans please accept my sincere apologies.
The cruise up the harbour to Victoria is pretty impressive, with very nice apartments lining the waterfront. A light breakfast and a online catchup, but no go on Facebook or my blog, so it’s going to be a lot of typing tonight, I’ll probably get sick of my notes.
To soften the blow I’m having a fish and chip lunch, in this most English of cities. None of those long wide streets with an endless rumble of SUV’s . Once again the North American chip puts the English model to shame. Crispy, brown no soggy oil, and TarTar  
Sauce to boot. Though I noticed that Fairfield Fish & Chips has write ups in the window from Wineaccess Canad’sWine & Food Magazine. I washed it down with a Canadian Root Beer, 
What I like about food places in North America is the small neon open signs, usually in red with a blue border, reminiscent of those bleak paintings of Edward Hopper.
Just arrived at my hosts, he’s a writer on medical matters, fairly critical of the drug companies and their pushing of unhelpful medications. He was on the radio this morning commenting on their overblown potions. Tomorrow he’s having a book club meeting here and I’m reading ‘All the light we cannot see’ a gripping WW2 war novel which opens with the partial destruction of Saint-Malo, a city that I’ve been very impressed by, and that was news to me!
I received a reply from my brother from a photo of the Cannabis shops internals, he wanted to know how much the stuff costs? I was tempted to enquire about the price of the chocolate bars, but I didn’t want to encourage myself. You know that saying ‘he knows the price of everything but the value of nothing’ It occurs to me thats how it works, first we ask how much it costs, before we buy, as if that was the most important thing. According to him, my blogs feel like a ‘ a round robin’ not something he wants to consume. Though he spends a fortune on feeding tits and woodpeckers that frequent his bird feeders.
Another strange thing just happened, sorting through my clothes for the wash I came across the cycling gloves, I didn’t loose them after all, but if I hadn’t thought I had I wouldn’t have made contact with Jon in the cycle shop. And now I’m having interesting chats with Dee in Georgia .Isn’t life Strange!           PLG Tony 

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