North America 39 photo of the city from the cycle path.

Another family plus hens.
Through the help of my host’s son I now can properly post on Facebook, but for some reason my web site still rejects a complete story. Never mind eh.
My host Alan has just made me his daily Smoothy, he mixes fruit and veg from his garden, and I had fried eggs from his hens. Lydia his wife left for work, she’s a busy lawyer, and Chase their fifteen year old son has left for school and I’m about to hear another broadcast by Alan live by phone on CBC.

As everyone is busy I’m off for the day and as the family live by the waterfront it wasn’t long before I met Kodo  Karate Zen master and familiar with the teaching of Ajahn Cha out on his bike and taking the sun. That’s another T shirt to send. 
Apparently when the Queen had her own Yacht she came here often.
Came by another Church of Truth, this one seems to leave God out of it completely,
I suppose these institutions do keep Sunday different from the rest of the week
Victoria has this ‘too good to be true’ quality , with its yacht harbour, only spoilt by the noise of seaplanes taking off. Surrounded by attractive apartments and restaurants .it has the feel of Monte Carlo without the French pretentiousness ( as Brits we’re allowed to be rude about the French ) and I can honestly say that I didn’t get a single, ‘ have a nice day’ , which may explain why I’m feeling strangely low! 
Meanwhile back at the ranch we’re getting ready for the Book Group. I’ve brought along some organic cherries, probably from Washington  and prepared some carrot sticks, so even if the books get spicy, the eats stay wholesome.
Well the evening turned out fine, met lots of Alan’s friends, eat too many crisps and with a little nibble of the magic chocolate, I managed to contribute something to the conversation.
This morning at 530 I went with Alan for a ride with the Triple Shot cycle club, at least that was the idea, and as they were real cyclists I was unable to be part of the pack. But we all met up at the harbour for coffee, and I saw more of these bright positive Canadians who reside in one of the worlds great cities. Beacon Hill Park, which is always open has trees to rival anywhere.
                    Ps I left without the Yellow Jersey  . PLG Tony 

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