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Change of plan.
Going out of Victoria is the Galloping Goose Trail that is the beginning of the recently completed 15,000k Trans Canadian  trail, so I better get going as its Noon and life is short ( I started out at 5f 6inch and I’ve lost an inch, though if I go through my bags……
At about 5k I’ve been seduced into this trail side cafe with a Smoothy and another breakfast. To get to Nanaimo I have to leave this trail and join Highway 1 the Trans Canadian black top, so it’s noisy going until Duncan, a nice place with a band stand , a real centre, where I find a camp spot. 
Back on the number one and right now I’m having breakfast in a smart restaurant with country music in my ears and ice hockey on the many TV screens. There doesn’t seem to be any respect for the seasons, in sport, in this restrained country.
During a quiet moment on line I checked the latest missive from Euro Velo. Even as the the rest of the world may be going to pot ( figuratively speaking Washington doesn’t count.) what is happening with cycling in Europe is awesome. The president of the EU commissioners went on  a long distance ride recently!
At the restaurant everything changed, the waitress advised me to go back down the road ( always a difficult decision, though in this case it was downhill ) and go to Croften to catch a ferry to Vesuvias Bay, a cool place apparently, and then another ferry to Vancouver where I would need to get a train to my hosts.
Crossed over the disused railway line, what a cycle route that would make, following the detailed instructions that the waitress gave me.( not holding on to fixed views or in my case a previous plan ) . Time to have another chat while waiting for the ferry, which isn’t cheap. Croften is dominated by the pulp mill, whose smell, isn’t that bad, a bit like pencil sharpening shavings. Perhaps if you had to do duties as pencil monitor back in your school days the odour’s memories aren’t so sweet!  I was invited to visit another Buddhist Blogger on Cortes Island, but looking at my map, it’s a long way for my overloaded legs. There’s another young women cyclist waiting, I attempt a chat, but she briefly answers in a foreign accent, so I drop the idea. Either she’s a new immigrant or a self contained person, definitely not a North American Native of any sort!
One of the reasons I’m travelling this way is that the waitress said that I must visit the Famous Salt Spring Saturday Market, though it’s also open Friday’s and Sunday’s , but that’s Canada always accommodating!  I’ve found, on this trip, if it isn’t obvious to anyone else! That to keep this blog up to date I have to stop and record my feelings and thoughts at the time.
Just after I got off the ferry I bumped into Danielle a young lady cyclist from Tasmania, and we cycled into the market together, and over a pink grapefruit juice she told me about the late diaries of Charles Darwin amongst a lot of other chat. What she said about Born again Christians was interesting. 
Apparently many feel that they weren’t given enough or the right love when children. I’m sure there’s a lot in that, but I think we are all born with a spiritual switch that at some time will have to be turned on. There may well be some false ignitions along the way, but the current is always flowing and eventually will light our way. ( I just made all that up! )
Had a wonderful conversation with a true unreconstructed Rhodesian Anthony Bruce who finally emigrated to Canada, but still worked as a pilot in Africa . . He gave me some very encouraging tips on getting a book together. But his comments on the political machinations that went on in East Africa would make your hair curl. The irony was that after WW2 those brave veterans who survived POW camps and went there to help the Africans build up the land and also had  a realistic understanding of how democracy could work, were dismissed by a mixture of Cold War politics, political correctness and just plain white mans guilt. Read his books to get the full story.
Something dragged me away from the fun and games, I didn’t have a ferry schedule, but I don’t  want to be late for my hosts, and I caught the last ship at 330p.
                Late but not forgotten…….I hope. PLG tony

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