North America 41 picture of Denny 

With real cyclists again.

Traveling around BC makes me wonder where all the money comes from? Everyone seems to be living in a kind of holiday environment, with these lovely waterfront homes on so many islands scattered all over. Perhaps all those massive Insurance Companies with Canada in their titles rake in the dough, though as its a gamble it may leave a sour taste. Or it’s the Oil, stupid!  that lubricates the economy, but there doesn’t seem to be the same homeless problem as south of the border. Maybe using their military in a peace roll, helps, but whatever it is, in spite of what Alan says, keep taking the medicine.
I just bought a Oh Henry! bar of candy, when I was a kid, my aunty Sonia, who had just emigrated used to send them with chewing gum and View Master 3D Slides of mountains and Mounties in food parcels and Sun Maid Raisons if I remember, yes it’s all coming back as I strip off the covering and sink my teeth into the nuts and fudge.
I called the Servas hosts in North Vancouver from the ferry as this voyage was going to take much more time than I thought as we stopped at several islands and we weren’t going to dock till 645. They weren’t in and after the second time I stopped worrying.
On the connecting bus into town, Denny a fellow passenger enquired as to where I was going, as he happened to be making for North Vancouver. From then on he shepherded me on a train another ferry and bus during which he shared some of his interesting life.
He travels the world on Cargo Ships and teaches English in the most unlikely places.
All this journey cost $1.75 senior, and once more I was impressed by the calm friendliness of the Canadians. Even when they alighted from the other end of the bus, 
they would call out ‘ thank you’ to the driver. I’m beginning to dread the idea of retuning to the sullen, snobbish demeanour of the southern Brits.
I finally arrived at my hosts at gone nine and after much apologising and clearing up misunderstandings, we settled down into the usual excited chat that I’m rather guilty of. The thorny old question of cycle helmets came up. Personally I wear one on my morning rides on the lightweight racing bike, but the rest of the time not. Most real cyclist wear them all the time, but what is most interesting is that in organic cycling countries eg. Holland, Germany, Denmark etc where it’s not a novelty and everyone gets around by bike as a normal way of life, hardly anyone wears one. So what’s going on? If you have any ideas drop me a line, pop a protective cover on just in case.

Back to my hosts, very keen adventure cyclists, if rather too competitive for me. Helena escaped from Czechoslovakia in 1968, not a cool time everywhere, and came to Canada . As a teen she was an Olympic hopeful and John is just plain super fit, he’s the same age as me, but he literally cycled rings round us on a splendid ride this morning. I can smell the fresh salmon cooking on the barby, so your have to excuse me as dinner is calling.
                    Come and get it . PLG tony 

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