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It’s only a bus ride

A nice farewell to my hosts, John copied a detailed map via Prospect Park, but I chickened out as cycling through the city heavy loaded seems unnecessary, so it’s the Seabus again, without Denny, but a couple of Scouse ladies on holiday raised the mirth level. The Greyhound bus to Kamloops leaves from another station so I have to catch the Skytrain from this stunning Regency Style railway station Downtown which connects with the Seabus  and local trains, to the Pacific Central, not so imposing inside but impressive outside. If I had taken the train from here, it would have been an overnight ride, as I’m picking it up at 630am for the ride to Jasper. Incidentally if you wanted to make the cross country journey the train leaves Vancouver Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 2030 and arrives Toronto 930 on the third day.
They hit me for another $ 31 for the bike, so to celebrate I’m having a chicken burger, French Fries and Root beer in the A&W.
The bus isn’t one of those with the half top that I remember in the 60s when I crossed to California, no the dream has gone, I have to contend with reality now, mustn’t grumble though, everything is working out nicely.
We’re rolling along  in the middle lane of the three lane motorway, just where I like to drive, but in the UK I’m told you mustn’t do this! No you have to be in lane one. If I had a car again I would definitely move to North America. No pun intended.
I’m sitting next to an Asian Indian immigrant, I assume, he’s rather hogging the arm rest and I’m slowly developing a dislike for this unfriendly gesture. Then suddenly from out of my doze  he offers a gum. My developing hostility is shattered, and though I decline his offer, a relief that is palpable takes over my psyche, and I relax a bit.

He just offered his wretched gum, to a very attractive girl in the forward seat. She turns round with a definite annoyed look, this is the second time he’s approached her, and I’m feeling distinctively chuffed by the rejection. She has this severe model face with a very petite body and sunglasses perched on a fashionable check hat. Her head must be hot as the air conditioning isn’t the coolest.
We’re travelling down a valley with the river on our left and the mountains come right to the road in places. Though generally it’s quite a wide route, heavily forested. This is the Trans Canadian Hwy and its stunning. We just passed by Hope, but I don’t mind. He’s stopped chewing, but he’s spread his legs rather wide, like macho men do.
 Oh god, he just looked over at my I pad, can he see what I’m writing from a foot away?I tilt the device slightly, I don’t want to arouse his suspicion. No it’s ok, he’s blissfully innocent, I think!
We’ve left 1 as it doesn’t go directly to Kamloops, and we’re on 5 a recently completed route, maybe that’s why I haven’t seen any bicycles, though except for the road we seem to be in wilderness. We’ve stopped for a five minute break by a Wal-Mart and macho man went outside, but model girl hasn’t moved and as I stood up I looked over at her seat, and she’s looking at similar creatures like her on Facebook, as her unpainted slender fingers dance over the keys.
The other passengers are a mix of Canadian born and foreign speaking immigrants. None of those extreme looking characters that are so common south of the border.
There’s a poster advertising ranch lots and the land seems to be watered, but I can’t see any crops or cattle. A lake moves into view an obvious settlement, though the population doesn’t seem enough to support such a large store.
The bus keeps to a very steady speed and breaks on the downhills so we are passed by the large trucks. The green forest and mountains give way to low hills as we arrive in Kamloops and its hot, and I’m tired so it’s motel time.
                 Good night from somewhere in the wilderness . PLG Tony 

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