North America 43  picture the simple station 

No room at the inn

Motels mean TV  and popular culture and this time it’s the Big Band era on Public Broadcasting, now I can put faces to those delicious times listening to AFN ( American Forces Network )  under the bed sheets. Are all children that sentimental and romantic? I certainly was and still am, and Benny Goodman inspired me to play the clarinet but like with the bike I never became a real musician. 
On CNN this morning Donald Trump is declaring his intention to run for President. At the moment he’s telling us his worth is over $8 billion, is he suggesting that he is going to finance the country? And he also said that he wouldn’t enter a bicycle race, well that’s encouraging. Whatever he is promising, you can’t deny that it’s not entertaining.
He ended by claiming to bring back the American Dream!
The presenter commented that Reality TV has entered the 2016 Race for President, but cautioned that Ronny Reagan was also dismissed initially. What is quite clear on US TV is that the good guys are pretty and handsome whereas the bad ones look shifty and unattractive.
Texas is being attacked by a tropical storm so their having a very wet summer while the West Coast continues its drought . I suppose in a large continent one should expect extreme contrasts. Moral: don’t give up on good old Blighty too quickly.
The motel is run by a chap from Bengal and it has the feel of Indian neglect. No shower curtain, dodgy air conditioning and a TV from another era. And the breakfast area is also shared with the cleaning equipment.
Back to the adventure, the Sitauana Birken Forest Monastery, another sister to Chithurst. is at Knutsford several miles out of the city. But I can’t book in till Wednesday so I’m checking out the station where I’ll catch the train to Jasper. Even though it’s quite a way out of town surrounded by marshalling yards, the waiting room has everything and if it’s left open Friday night I’ll take up residence for the six o’clock morning departure. Otherwise I’ll look for a camp spot by the nearby river. 
I noticed in the timetable there’s a three day ride from Winnipeg to Churchill which is pretty far north. Now if I can fit some ski’s………..

Sitting in a spacious manufactured home that sell for around $200,000 for 1600 square feet, if you were going to erect one of these around here the land would cost another $100k so if I sell the Friday and a couple of others I could just about buy the porch which would make a nice meditation space.
                      Don’t hold your breath but as I won’t be online at the monastery 
                       There will be a short intermission. PLG Tony 

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