North America 44 Kamloops Valley and the Thompson River

Real or True, you decide.

I’m back at that motel and I know Kamloops the hard way as this town is built on hills.
My mistake was I didn’t check out where the monastery actually was because its quite a bit further than the address indicates. A helpful cyclist told me after struggling up to the camp site. So I coasted back, but the view made it all worth it, I’m telling myself.
But Peter, Paul and Mary are on PBS one of the folk groups who were the conscious of America during the Vietnam War and on. What a antidote to the commercial media world. Not that I was much of an activist, though I did go on a few marches and demonstrations.
 One other fact that was just made on the morning news : America has 5% of the worlds population and 25% of its prison population! But what was missed, is that that figure is predominately black. Which brings us to the current story that seems to be gripping the nation, the NAACP ex- head who appears white in earlier photos but is claiming to be black. But what is more interesting is that she says this is all about removing all the myths about racial differences. Unfortunately this point seems to be ignored in all the discussion about her dishonest representation. 
Once again I think that that book I found so riveting on white shame and guilt is worth taking seriously.
Mind you listening online to the 6oclock news and one act of violence and murder after another perhaps I should jump out over Greenland, but the polar bears aren’t that cuddly.
Waiting for the monastery pickup at Booster Juice and I’m sucking on a Hardcore UnBEETable : beets, carrots, apples, strawberries & mangoes plus Warrior Booster: Powerful Echinacea and Goldenseal blended with Rosehip. Pretty sure there’s yogurt.
As a self-confessed Smoothy junkie except for the ice that usually comes with everything, I’m impressed. Though it doesn’t touch the heights that Alan’s in Victoria did, though because he had to blend it outside as the house shook, I think his had that added natural environmental touch.
While I’m waiting, I ought to explain a little bit about what I mean by Real Cyclist
I suppose I’d call myself a True Cyclist, by that I mean someone who doesn’t own a car but goes most places on the bike or public transport. As most people seem to be able to afford a car, I certainly could, then the True cyclist has made a conscious decision to 
‘ let go’ of the car and all the alienating baggage that it brings.
The Real Cyclist is often quite fit and when out riding has various monitoring gadgets to assess their performance. Wearing the most effective clothes and shoes for achieving a good comfortable ride, and for the more competitive the lightest bike on the market. The talk is often about distance and times and they like to ride in a pack very close to each other. And when they attend an event the bike is often carried on a vehicle.
I think of the term Real as in that rather judgmental expression ‘ get real ‘ as if there is only one way to do or think things. A True cyclists only requirement is to be true to themselves.
Of course, the world has room for both and any that don’t quite fit into these definitions   

       So with those possibly contentious thoughts . PLG Tony 

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