North America 48 picture mysterious old road 

A hostel to write home about

After the hotel letting me post that Grizzly story, I take back my nasty slurs about the integrity of the organisation, after all the mails must get through!  And the tourists deserve everything that they get, it’s their choice I hope!  I’m back on the road and the weather has changed dramatically as I leave the cold wind blowing off the ice fields and enter Banff National Park.( earlier pictures of the glacier shows that it has retreated one and a half kilometres )
All this mornings hard pushing up to the IceFields has been worth it as the ride down to this mysterious old road for lunch, was the pay off.
The wind is blowing from the mountains, so hopefully any bears around won’t catch the scent from the three day old mixtures.
Went for a walk down the old road, until I came to a camp fire, out of the wind with the sun breaking through the clouds and the noise of the main road gone, the atmosphere was remarkable. Except for a slight fear of meeting a bear ( wasn’t helped by the wardens stories last night ) I considered going back for the bike, after all it must meet up with main road. But I took the cautious route, taking a few pictures when it was sighted. But when I arrived in the valley, only the river, no road, what happened to it? 
Ran into a shower and decided that was a good enough reason to stay at a hostel, and this one has a sauna and solar panels and I have been given the store room to rest my weary bones without having any others heavy breathing. I’ve just heard there’s WIFi too, and I got a discount because it’s cycle week, will miracles never cease? The warden Ken told me about a writer Jed McKenna  and his three volumes on enlightenment 
Just down the road from the hostel is a smart hotel/restaurant centre and I’ve decided to ‘push the boat out’ and I’m in the restaurant not the cafeteria. I won’t go into the sordid details, but it’s going be a long day!  Outside a bus has unloaded a tsunami of Japanese who are busy taking pictures of just about everything, including me working through the buffet.
Joined the folks at the next table for coffee, he was a RCMP who worked amongst the First Nation peoples and had a pretty dismal understanding of their plight. The waitresses are mostly Australian on working visas.
Back on the road I met up with a couple of guys who were at the hostel, and as they move at my pace I’ve joined them. We spent a great time by a stream talking men’s stuff!? Alistair is a maths student from Edinburgh who is doing the Great Divide mountain bike trail and Kirk is an adventurer with a understanding wife.
And then we saw our bear, it was pointed out by a cyclist coming the other way, the only one all day!  I’m sure I would have missed it. 
                  It’s an early night as the midges are being midges. PLG Tony 
Ps Our’ Men’s Talk ‘ was about our experiences with women ……….not that much different from’ Women’s Chat ‘ eh .

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