North America 49  picture Alex and Kirk 

Alone once again

Lying in the tent, feeling slightly annoyed about staying in a camp site ( as its quite noisy with a few vehicle movements around the camp and lots from the nearby road.)
Should we have chanced the Bears and gone wild? I noticed that Kirk was more cautious over the bear than we were, and being a group it would have been difficult to have pushed for a wild experience I think, even though it would have been safer as a group! 
Alice Miller , whom I’m deep into at the moment…….just now I heard a scuffle outside, I unzipped and a giant crow has landed on the bike, knocked it over, and seeing me, moved on to Alex’s to peck. As I was saying, Alice may have had some interesting things to say about our reactions to nature? Though I’m not sure it’s wise to psychoanalyse my new friends , though I do accept her conclusions on the effects our parents have had on us and how that controls our behaviour towards others until we are are able to recognise any trauma that they perpetrated towards us. 
My own mother had a terrible childhood, by all accounts and dismissed her own mother , so I have little idea of what kind of person she was ( she was killed in an air raid) . But my mum suffered migraines terribly and was very unsympathetic when my marriage broke down. The few attempts to have counselling help during that little episode didn’t come to much, though I was a little more willing than my wife to examine our relationship. But it was only after that little trauma! that I’ve got really interested in the ‘ meaning of life’  and how to find some contentment .
Incidentally I was brought up as a baby with the strict theories, of mother comes first.
Alice says ” love for someone is a gift not something we can produce simply by making a decision or by an act of will. ” 
So what I’m saying is that from my own childhood experience I had little feeling that I had someone on my side. And even now I find I’m still searching for approval.
Wow after that heavy dose of self-examination, it’s time to put Alice to one side and get up, though I would give anything for a nice hot shower! 
After a nice long breakfast where I brewed up for the second time, we carried on down hill stopping off for a swim in a lake, where I had a chat with a charming Korean girl whose parents were practicing Buddhist. She was very surprised seeing us swimming as in Korea people wouldn’t just do that by themselves.
It wasn’t long before we joined highway 1 , the freight klaxon and all that frenetic activity that comes with civilisation. After a nice meal and a farewell to Alex who couldn’t wait any longer, to get to Banff tonight, Kirk disappeared on the phone to his wife, and I’m alone again. A sad walk back to the bike, and things picked up again as I checked out the bus times from Banff and booked into a very smart Hostel and a hot shower followed by a free swim in the pool.
         But will it measure up to the lake.? PLG Tony 

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