North America 50 picture Lake Louise 

Let’s join the Tourist

I chickened out on the pool, how could it measure up to the Korean lake!
After playing some more on the IPad I returned to the bike to bring up the bags and who should turn up but Kirk just back from exploring the lake. Now is that a coincidence or what? It seems that being in the Flow, if that what it is , whatever happens, happens. 
The hostel feels more like a hotel, as many of the occupants aren’t the usual hostellers 
I pushed the boat out once more and joined Kirk for a meal in the restaurant, and we had an Elk burger, maybe they aren’t as protected as bears. Lake Louise is very expensive considering that the freight train runs right through the town and I’m pretty sure that the camp site must shake, but the next nearest site is 40k away! 
My Kiwi roommate was as quiet as a Kiwi, I guess, so I slept well and am waiting for the hiking party to assemble for the morning ramble. Alice is by my side and I really appreciate her insistence on not looking to blame anyone for our early misfortunes.
Also her questioning of the Freudian model has put more flesh on my enquiry into our apparent need to exert control in our lives. What is so reassuring is that like Rogers she trusts that by being totally patient centred we come to realise within ourselves the source of our wounds and can heal without outside direction 
On our group hike organised by the hostel, there are exactly three of us, the leader and a young man from Bavaria who I’m trying to get to smile! 
We’ve just walked up to the Lake one of the most photographed in the whole blooming world. Apparently at the height of the summer people are lining the lake tens deep, and change places to take a photo of the lake.
Katie our guide, talked about a game that is getting popular amongst young people to discourage cell use when their out together having a meal. The one who goes to their mobile has to pay for everyone’s food. A friend of hers ended up paying three times and then decided to stay at home.
We came by a Communication Tree, this shows scratches that animals make to mark their territory. Mothers can even find their missing Cubs.
At 7000ft is a tea shop built in 1905 and to complete my tourist day it’s a bowl of soup and home made bread baked at the shop by local Canadian hands for your eating pleasure. I mentioned that the Germans made the best bread, and that got a smile.
A heavy breather joined the room last night so I’m feeling rather fragile this morning.
To cheer myself up I’ve been fantasying that instead of a can of bear spray that Katie brought along, she grabbed hair spray by mistake and when a bear approached and she sprayed, his head turned into one of those fifties styles that Teddy Boys wore.
         So with that parting sad reflection I’ll get back on my bike . PLG Tony 

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