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Don’t emigrate from a country that becomes the enemy 

A quick definition is  maybe called for ; a Tourist is someone who sees what he goes to see, whereas a Traveller sees what he sees. I got that out of a Servas handbook, can’t remember where it comes from.
Back into Banff National Park and Bow Valley Parkway. I’ve got a couple of days to get to Banff and the Bus to Calgary, so it’s take it real slow and soak up the atmosphere and the perspiration that’s running down my face in the hottest day so far. 32c
So I’ve got plenty of time to absorb Alice, at the moment she’s reassuring me that because I wasn’t in the past ( now I can’t raise much of anything ) drawn to prostitutes, it was because I didn’t need to take revenge on my mother! ( for her manipulation and the need to control others, rather than a partnership ) 
Just had a long chat with some Californians, one of whom is a secondary school teacher and they confirmed that eventually the state will be predominately Spanish speaking. A mixed race couple just popped by for a chat, there’re from Tennessee on the way to Alaska in a mobile home ( RV ) with which they tow a jeep behind. They sold the farm so they could retire and travel and fish. The wife had designs on my bike as she felt they were missing out by having so much comfort. The picnic area is getting crowded so I’ll better be off.
To get some relief from the heat and to charge I’m in a stunning restaurant and accommodation all in classic log cabin style as its a Park and their very particular in Canada. The waitress is another Australian, it’s seems that they can get a working visa very easily, the last Commonwealth Preference maybe, but I’m guessing, the world doesn’t have much sentimentality left.
Another story of Ukrainian persecution at the Castle Mountain Internment Camp memorial from the First World War as that country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and they had emigrated a few years before right into a Depression.
This 1a road which runs parallel to the 1 is very gentle and the traffic is slow and though the mountains aren’t as spectacular as earlier there are more information posts. A perfect way to wind down an adventure.
To escape the heat I’ve checked into the hostel which has showers and hopefully no heavy breathers. As I’m so much ahead I think I’ll stay here for three nights, rest my weary calfs, take in nature and Alice and release myself from the compelling need to ‘ move on ‘ 

Alice has a lot to say about ‘ the Separation ‘ time, in our childhood. As I went to a boarding school, which was a happy time, I do remember the sadness I felt leaving my parents, but it wasn’t punishing, and I learnt to trust in my own aloneness.
Venturing out to visit an Osprey family nestled on a nearby bridge, the temp. is 35c in the shade and people are surfing on the river holding on to a rope tied to the bridge.
On this cycle ride with the warden he mentioned that some of the other residents, females I think, refer to me as Gandhi. I’m not sure how to take this as my beard and hair are fairly long, though I am very tanned and probably could be taken for an Asiatic Indian. So except for my colouring I look nothing like the Mahatma, I hope I don’t talk like him! So what may be going on, am I hearing a form of racism as there has been many new immigrants from Asia? I’ll drop the subject as it reminds me of stuff ( anti-Semitic ) that was levelled at me as a child. But maybe Canada isn’t such a Rainbow Nation as it fancies itself, certainly the First Nation people don’t always have such an easy time. Ps. Perhaps it was just a coincidence, if you believe that you’re  believe anything.
                Life isn’t always a bed of roses. PLG Tony 

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