North America 53 picture Mounties 

The Truth according to Greyhound ( leave the driving to us )

Found a bunk at the International hostel which is on the Canada Day Parade Route which happens tomorrow 1st July . 
And so it came to pass, not quite the Pasadena Rose Parade, but nice and low key, in the Canadian fashion. I always find the Pipes fascinating as they come towards with the strains being carried in the breeze. Most of the bands seem to come from Calgary, I hope they get back in time for the Stampede.
Picking up the Greyhound to Calgary ( 25% off with a YHA card ) which was an extra service so the checkin was unattended and the Indian driver didn’t make a fuss about the bike, as it was an additional bag , let’s hope he doesn’t eventually give in to the corporate culture.
I’ve been thinking about the frustration one feels when your ideas and insights are not listened to or ignored. Isn’t this the inevitable consequence of taking a non authoritarian position? What works for you isn’t necessarily going to for others, and you have to be prepared to accept that. No matter how much experience you’ve had that won’t make up for others fears and conditioning. Imposed ideas and solutions won’t last. As a parent you have to watch your offspring make their mistakes as this is an important learning experience. You may never be consulted and as a ‘Not Knowing’ 
person that is inevitable , all you can do is ‘show the Way’ possibly by example.
So much for ‘Greyhound Philosophy’. which can be a bit erratic, and bumpy.
Looking up I’ve realised we’ve left the mountains behind and entered hilly forested land with horses and cattle and the occasional wooden building. The road seems endless and the surrounds almost empty of civilisation 

About 25k from DownTown we’ve entered the suburbs and a few minutes later the skyscrapers loom in the distance and roadworks bring our steady progress to that familiar urban crawl.
A group of Ski Jumps appear on the right and then it’s fast foods and apartments with parks but a river tempers the assault of all that development 
As we pulled into the bus terminal I sensed that someone was meeting me, and sure enough John my Servas host called out my name and we cycled off to meet the family.
             Tomorrow is another parade and the Stampede. PLG Tony 

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