North America 54 picture Stampede 

Am I a security risk? 

John and Coleen have two teenage daughters and the youngest is sixteen today and we all went Ten Pin Bowling. I haven’t done this for fifty years and as I’ve shrunk a bit and the bowls have got larger and heavier plus with my lack of competitive drive my score didn’t add up to much, but it was fun to be part of an extremely well balanced and happy family. 
The stampede didn’t start too well for one of the horsewomen fell off, mind you from my perch seven stories up I’m lucky to see anything much. The PA system echoes so  it’s pretty impossible to follow the commentary. The bucking bronco and bull competitions were interesting as they threw some light on how the score is made up. But with the heat and crowds I was pleased to meet with the family again to experience Shakespeare in the Park not far away along the river where a young talented group of local graduates played The Tempest . Back at the house we watched a storm moving along the evening sky in the distance.
Today is D day and my Departure from Calgary Airport is made easy as I’ve been dropped off by the family on their way to visit relatives who live on a lake 400k North, or just up the road in North American terms. As for me, I forgot to remove the small butane bottle from my camping gear before I checked in. So I’m waiting for the offending item to be removed by me and to pass the time I’m reading Ajahn Sucitto Blog Reflections. He’s examining the possibility of wild nature returning when we stop trying to control it. I guess I’ve fell into that trap in a way, my living a bit closer to nature has clashed with the reality of the security of the state. ( at one time no fuss was made of packing these items )
The Chinese bag that holds all the panniers appears in shreds. Removed  the offending article and replace everything in a nice large plastic bag which should be very useful in the future. Wearing sandals makes the screening a bit easier, though my uncut toe nails surely could be a security risk? But they haven’t thought of that yet, so I’m through and I put it all down to the piece of cotton around my right wrist that I acquired on the New Year precepts renewal ceremony at Chithurst .
On the train from Gatwick, a nice friendly chat with the guard who travels free with his family all over Europe , settles me back into the familiar culture of home.
 Once I get over the jet lag, it’ll be back to ‘ service as normal ‘ . PLG Tony 


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