North America 55 the end  finished with a selfy

The final curtain, on the trip that is.
So what can I say abuut Canada, and Canadians , that lovely way they pronounce about, in fact perhaps I should not say anymore. Well let me tell you a little story.
Around the early fifties, with my mothers two siblings having emigrated to BC, my parents considered emigrating themselves. Now I received this news with a mixture of excitement and disappointment as I was an avid reader of the Eagle comic. Would I be able to get it in Canada? Little did I know that they had real Eagles, Mounties, and just abuut anything else that a small boy could wish for. As I got older Hollywood became the dream and the focus became the States. But this huge country with its tiny population would have made a fine home. So now I travel the world and just enjoy it’s people without any designs on their land.
What made this adventure so much more enjoyable than last years ride to Norway.?
Well I was incredibly lucky with the weather, but that was true on the other one.
Maybe I’m too gregarious for the more restrained temperament of Northern Europe, though I did meet lovely, hospitable people. But the North Americans are hospitable in a very different way, with their positive attitude to life, for a single traveller this  tips the scales.
Just a mention about keeping this journal, if it’s given the readers half as much pleasure as I’ve gotten then I’m as pleased as Punch. Some of you who have been making regular comments on Facebook ( that has given me much joy ) have confirmed that there is a real place for the Internet if used Mindfully and frugally, and you’re  never really alone! 
When I started this journal I pointed out that I would avoid as much as possible to 
‘ tell my Story’ I hope I’ve done this, though in the last few blogs I have included personal history as I felt it would help illustrate the point, and it helped me explore my own self-examination.
 Now the only thing I return with are memories, a bike and the thought that eventually all this, for me must come to an end. With that in mind I encourage others to ‘ get on their bikes ‘ and see the world before it gets covered with water again, 
                           thank god for Noah! PLG tony the baggy trouser cyclist
Ps. The RV people turned out to be very different from my fantasy didn’t they!

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