Getting over the New World 

Coming home after some of my recent trips I’ve “come down” felt a bit low, after all the excitement. But this summer on my return from North America I really hit the floor.
It felt worse because of all my zycling philosophy, it shouldn’t happen! And that shame made it worse. Anyhow, time works wonders, and with the help of my blog friend I’m back in business . He’s improved the site and inspired me to ‘ get back on my bike’ 
It’s nearly Christmas but the weather is more Spring -like so there’s no excuse not to be out riding . The picture is a meditation hut that my lodgers helped erect in the spring. So no excuse not to sit! 
I’m reading the War Diaries of General Alanbrooke  he was very hard on “our American cousins” he was Generalising,  but he recommended an eccentric film which attempted to bring the two warring allies together. It’s called A Canterbury Tale (1944) a story of a lost forgotten England , but a must for movie buffs.
I’m also in the middle of having a small conservatory added to the rear of my modest lounge, the stress of having builders mess and illness delays is far worse than the threat of cycling into bears.
Spent Christmas in Wales where my brother lives, we indulged in movies, including watching the Apu Trilogy for the umpteen time. But the real fun and games started coming home. The train waited at a station several hours for the flood waters to subside , as the threatened drivers strike edged closer. So by the time I got to Chichester the last bus had gone, but all was not lost as I had the Brompton, the stars were out so the 15 mile ride home was almost a dream, I even stopped for a bite and a lovely chat with an American, it almost felt like the Zycling trip.
The winter retreat starts soon at Chithurst, so as I’m not completely washed out yet. it’s Sitting time . PLG Tony 

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